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A door in an aircraft, spacecraft, or submarine.
  1. 'ET, but immediately after Fincke stepped outside the hatch to the airlock, ground control detected the problem.'
  2. 'You then drop yourself into the commander's seat, close the hatch and manoeuvre backwards onto the left bucket seat taking care not to sit on the seat belts.'
  3. 'We came to a stop in a position that put our shuttle's passengers compartment outer hatch ten feet away from their airlock.'
  4. 'Hatch thrusters propel the hatch on the shuttle away from the main shuttle body.'
  5. 'The whole submarine was covered in greased leather, with a watertight hatch in the middle, a rudder and four oars.'
  6. 'With a hiss, the shuttle's main hatch folded down away from the hull, providing a debarkation ramp.'
  7. 'A hatch from the ceiling opened and two white astronaut suits came down.'
  8. 'When the lower part of the hatch is down, a loading tray automatically extends to aid with cargo loading and unloading.'
  9. 'Blaine got up and strode toward the opening hatch on the back of the enormous plane.'
  10. 'First Lt. Bill Bower, ready to bail out, paused at one of the bomber's hatches and peered into the darkening sky below for some sign that his crew got out of the aircraft safely.'
The rear door of a hatchback car.
  1. 'Now classified as a mid-size sedan, it's only slightly smaller than a Camry and even more versatile with its rear hatch.'
  2. 'There is good access to the rear via a very practical rear hatch and the load space in the back is also very impressive.'
  3. 'With an estate car, the slope is so steep that the entire airflow forms massive spirals as it breaks away from the top of the rear hatch.'
  4. 'There's plenty of room for five adults to travel in some comfort and lots of load-carrying space accessed through that rear hatch.'
  5. 'Visibility is not brilliant, especially out of the rear hatch which provides a minimal view broken by the line where it joins the body.'
  6. 'The rear hatch opens as a unit - or the window can open alone.'
  7. 'The distinctive style lines start at the headlights and flow back along the sides of the car, while a large S in the centre of the rear hatch also serves as a boot opener.'
  1. 'Below 80 mph and it's much like any other hot hatch.'
  2. 'It may prove smarter to be behind the wheel of a nippy, whippy hatch and thus have a greater chance of not getting into accidents in the first place.'
  3. 'The first model, called the MG Express, has been created from the MG ZR hot hatch.'
  4. 'So to complement the five-door xA hatch and the box-like xB, the tC coupe was devised.'
  5. 'One way of looking at it is: Plenty of kids buy and modify Honda Civics, especially the hatch versions.'
  6. 'The ride feels more grand tourer than eager hot hatch on the motorway, but once you make for an exit the Golf soon switches into fun mode.'
  7. 'Like its smaller sibling, the rear window glass of the hatch can be opened separately to facilitate loading small, light objects.'


(in fine art and technical drawing) shade (an area) with closely drawn parallel lines.
  1. 'As I said, in the plan that is annexed to the first respondents' submissions, it is the shaded hatched area.'
  2. 'But my gratitude also extends to those drivers who reverse on to main roads, see hatched areas as special taxi lanes and who ask for the removal of the indicator lights upon purchase of their vehicle.'
  3. 'It cited improvements to the road layout, including lane markings, hatched areas and clearer road signs as the reason.'

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1. hachure (def 2).

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"requirements can be hatching."

"successes can be hatching."

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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘inlay with strips of metal’): from Old French hacher, from hache (see hatchet).


down the hatch
under (the) hatches