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An installation or building in which the hatching of fish or poultry eggs is artificially controlled for commercial purposes.
  1. 'a fish hatchery'
  2. 'Fish culturists were quick to present hatcheries as fish factories.'
  3. 'The hatchery has been involved in rearing the fish after adult salmon were trapped at Killington and the eggs retrieved.'
  4. 'Phalacrocoracids may pose an economic threat to fish farms or hatcheries.'
  5. 'Creation of artificial hatcheries and placing restraining cages over nests proved counter-productive.'
  6. 'Animal activists in the city have been drawing attention to the appalling lack of concern for animal welfare in hatcheries or intensive poultry farming centres.'
  7. 'To ensure healthy fry, farmers purchase fry from reliable hatcheries and also gauge the health of fry by visual inspection.'
  8. 'After the tiny oysters have grown to a certain size, they are ready to be removed from the hatchery.'
  9. 'The proposal to build big semi-submersible ships that would act as massive floating hatcheries and be used to restock the oceans with fish has been presented to the Spanish Government.'
  10. 'We intended to focus our efforts on corporate agribusiness operations, such as factory-style hatcheries, mushroom ‘farms,’ livestock feedlots and the massive greenhouses in the Leamington area.'
  11. 'Brown says that, in the coming fall, a commercial hatchery with the capability of annually raising two million fish is preparing to open in Spaniard's Bay.'

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1. a place for hatching eggs of hens, fish, etc., especially a large, commercial or government site where the young are hatched, cared for, and sold or distributed.

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"practices can be hatchery."

"operators can be hatchery."

"facilities can be hatchery."

"techniques can be hatchery."

"salmons can be hatchery."

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