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A car with a door across the full width at the back end that opens upwards to provide easy access for loading.
  1. 'It was made available as a hatchback with an option of three doors or five doors.'
  2. 'People bemoaned the looks of hatchbacks because they didn't look like a regular four door sedan, causing the decline of the image of cars because of their most useful feature.'
  3. 'Many of the front lawns had been tarmacked over to provide parking space for an assortment of hatchbacks and small saloons of varying age and condition.'
  4. 'They were quiet homes - mainly lived in by retired couples - with uncluttered rectangular gardens dominated by neatly cut lawns out front and polished cars on the drive; Japanese saloons and German hatchbacks.'
  5. 'After all, if five seats are sufficient, why not just buy a regular hatchback / estate car?'
  6. 'The results include one of the most spacious and comfortable five-door family hatchbacks on the road today, a stylish and sporty three-door and a highly elegant coupe.'
  7. 'Sporty hatchbacks, coupes and saloons would be tearfully exchanged for the bigger, sensible and practical but dull to drive estates.'
  8. 'With its hatchback opening, the boot is easily accessible and very roomy.'

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1. a style of automobile in which the rear deck lid and window lift open as a unit.

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