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The process or period of gathering in crops.
  1. 'Most Nicaraguans who have work still toil as migrants, following crops and working only during the harvest period.'
  2. 'The olive harvest falls after grape harvest, during a period of time when he'd otherwise have nothing for his workers to do.'
  3. 'Gulfprince ripens from early to mid-May, extending the harvest period.'
  4. 'Mubuyu farms will employ over 1,500 coffee pluckers during the harvest period between April and September of which the majority will be women.'
  5. 'Strict and complex regulations control all aspects of the harvest and production.'
  6. 'Then it might really own the asparagus business for the harvest season, and farmers could stay in business.'
  7. 'Farmers present offerings and gifts to the deities for a successful harvest season and pray for bumper crops in the next.'
  8. 'A decline in sucrose concentration occurred across the harvest period, which may have been associated with a decline in solar radiation during the season.'
  9. 'Slowly we are chugging through the harvest and soon the 2002 crop will be all safely stowed away in the grain bins.'
  10. 'a poor harvest'
  11. 'UN agencies say, however, the harvest yielded less than 900 000 tons.'
  12. 'Its less fertile fields hadn't produced much of a harvest, and they had been lucky surviving the winter intact.'
  13. 'The maize fields were also expected to produce a good harvest, with enough maize for feed and export.'
  14. 'Australian, American, and Chilean winemakers work in steady, hot climates that produce regular harvests and consistent wines.'
  15. 'Already signs are that there might be a bumper harvest this season but all this will be in vain if measures are not taken to prevent crops from going to waste.'
  16. 'The Cultivation Ceremony is also performed to help keep the different grains free from disease, producing a bountiful harvest.'
  17. 'The government estimates the new harvest will yield about 600000 tons of staple grains this year.'
  18. 'Mr Kasukumya said he was, however, happy that people in his area continued to record bumper harvests in maize production.'
  19. 'The chief said his subjects who were renowned farmers in the whole district had a poor harvest for the past two years because of inadequate fertiliser supplies.'
  20. 'The restaurant, called the ‘Bench Bistro’ offers simple, yet innovative dishes that pay homage to the area's bountiful harvests and local producers.'
  21. 'Sex ratios could differ between the historical and modern beluga harvests because the modern hunters' preference for larger animals tends to bias their selection towards males.'
  22. 'The industry currently harvests about 3.2 million animals per year, which are processed for their skins and meat.'
  23. 'Scotland's premier chef knows all about wild harvests, which is why he's thrilled that autumn is here again'
  24. 'The wild harvest - which begins on September 6 this year - is generally capped at around 35,000 animals.'
  25. 'Fishermen and their representative bodies have always been more than capable of policing themselves and restricting their harvest of wild fish.'
  26. 'According to one elder interviewed, ensuring the animal was fat was an important part of the harvest.'
  27. 'If you're someone who protests the harvest of animals, think about what you're doing.'
  28. 'In the olden days on St Kilda and at several bleak rocky points east, tenacious hunters would dangle off perilous cliffs to catch their harvest.'
  29. 'The annual throng of whitebaiters converging on Lake Ferry has been subject to an unseasonal interruption to the harvest just as catches were beginning to grow.'
  30. 'This function might improve cellular water retention under the stress incurred during the transport of animals for harvest.'
  31. 'The paradox is that a search for a unifying center fails, but it has produced a harvest of insights into the riches of the Bible.'
  32. 'Such a policy will inevitably produce a bumper harvest of both ‘normal’ and unanticipated ‘abnormal’ results.'
  33. 'And so, once again, the Democrats reaped the bitter harvest of their own pallor and incompetence.'
  34. 'Meanwhile, the US Navy was reaping a rich harvest from its years of wargaming.'
  35. 'And he has been able to work out what is good, and what results in a harvest of votes at the other end.'
  36. 'Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.'
  37. 'The US invented basketball, and are now reaping its harvest.'
  38. 'Bankers are throwing money at him to reap bigger harvests.'
  39. 'I am doubly sure, between Levy and Sylvia, something will be done to that effect, which could just produce a bumper harvest of votes for both, next year.'


Gather (a crop) as a harvest.
  1. 'It looks like some beans are thinking about turning color; others - planted after peas were harvested - are just flowering now.'
  2. 'The machines in the foreground are harvesting beans while the ones in back are preparing the ground for corn planting.'
  3. 'Each year, 17 million pounds of moss is harvested for sale in florist and craft stores across the nation.'
  4. 'The gardens are starting to look bare as the last of the root crops are harvested, and the still green cover crops are filling in the beds.'
  5. 'Each year woman, children and even competing small farmers are forced to harvest the crop on big collective farms.'
  6. 'More than 3,50,000 hectares of land are harvested and nearly 3.5 million people will be engaged in full-time tobacco manufacture.'
  7. 'Centuries ago when farmers planted and harvested their crops, they knew little about the science involved.'
  8. 'On our farm, we needed drying bins for when the corn or soybeans were harvested wet.'
  9. 'The pharma corn was harvested along with the soybeans and sent to a grain elevator in Aurora, Nebraska, where it was mixed in with 500,000 bushels.'
  10. 'In the United Stares, some of the 2002 grape crop was not harvested because of low prices.'
  11. 'the quantity of squid harvested has risen'
  12. 'The solution, even for Birgit and Jurgen who have spent half a lifetime with the animals, is to harvest them for their meat.'
  13. 'If you keep harvesting the wildlife turtles, you'll have not enough numbers.'
  14. 'So the International Whaling Commission was formed in order to place limits on the number of whales which could be harvested each year.'
  15. 'Could we conceivably ever get to a stage where we would have to harvest and eat other humans to get by?'
  16. 'Wormers must now record their daily haul, and they are required to harvest the worms on a rotational basis, leaving some beaches to lie fallow for a season.'
  17. 'My unprofessional opinion of these techniques of harvesting the eels is that it has made a dent in the eel population.'
  18. 'The Anishinabe nation depends on the land, eating and harvesting the animals and fish as they have for thousands of years.'
  19. 'They have the right to harvest one whale every two years.'
  20. 'The bulk of the domestic shrimp catch is harvested by trawlers in the Gulf of Mexico.'
  21. 'Walleye pollock, more than half of all Bering bottom fish, are harvested in the world's largest single species fishery.'
  22. 'Most organs for transplant are harvested from brain-dead cadavers, although a few come from living donors.'
  23. 'In gene therapy, orthopedic surgeons harvest cells from a patient, modify them and return them to a particular area of the body.'
  24. 'Stem cells usually are harvested after three to five days from a blastocyst - an early stage of development before implantation in the uterus.'
  25. 'Researchers funded by government money could not harvest any more stem cell lines from embryos, but they could use those cell lines that had already been made.'
  26. 'To harvest stem cells for medical use an embryo would need to reach a minimum of 64 cells.'
  27. 'She is particularly interested in learning how other labs increased their success rate harvesting stem cells from early embryos.'
  28. 'The stem cells were harvested from the patient's own bone marrow and injected into the ventricle.'
  29. 'If you believe that allowing the diseases that can be cured by stem cells harvested from zygotes is the greater evil, then support research.'
  30. 'The cloned cells were harvested, expanded in culture, and transferred to three-dimensional molds.'
  31. 'Mycelial tissue was harvested, lyophilized, submerged in liquid nitrogen and ground into a powder.'
  32. 'Only a failure of public and private investment leaves the country (and the world) unable to harvest renewable energy efficiently.'
  33. 'The capsule held billions of charged atoms - a total haul no bigger than a few grains of salt - that were harvested from solar wind on five collecting disks during the 884-day, $260-million mission.'
  34. 'Its soil contains raw materials that might be harvested and processed into rocket fuel or breathable air.'
  35. 'The power supply would be harvested by solar panels, housed on a lunar orbiting power station.'
  36. 'Environmentally friendly features of the armory include a water catchment system to harvest rainwater for use in art features and plumbing, onsite electrical generation through a natural-gas fired microturbine, and fuel cells, daylighting, and natural ventilation to reduce dependence on air conditioning.'
  37. 'Another substance that potentially can be harvested from the Moon is oxygen.'
  38. 'If ice does exist there, it could be harvested and used for drinking water or broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.'
  39. 'Natalie hires the three kids to harvest copper wire from telephone poles in clandestine raids.'
  40. 'Worldwide, 1.5 million kilograms of coral are harvested annually.'

More definitions

1. Also, harvesting. the gathering of crops.

2. the season when ripened crops are gathered.

3. a crop or yield of one growing season.

4. a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored: a harvest of wheat.

5. the result or consequence of any act, process, or event: The journey yielded a harvest of wonderful memories. verb (used with object)

6. to gather (a crop or the like); reap.

7. to gather the crop from: to harvest the fields.

8. to gain, win, acquire, or use (a pri

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"areas can be harvested."

"wheats can be harvested."

"crops can be harvested."

"acres can be harvested."

"soybeans can be harvested."

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(harvest)Old English hærfest ‘autumn’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch herfst and German Herbst, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin carpere ‘pluck’ and Greek karpos ‘fruit’.