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Acutely distressing.
  1. 'it was a harrowing experience'
  2. 'The scars on his arms and his disfigured hands tell their own harrowing tale.'
  3. 'Ethiopia, where 10 to 14 million people now face famine, is also going through a harrowing experience.'
  4. 'Escape training can be a harrowing experience especially for those who are claustrophobic.'
  5. 'The humbling and harrowing morality of the play, and much of its poetry, are lost.'
  6. 'Survivors described their harrowing ordeal to reporters.'
  7. 'Mid morning a young girl arrives after a harrowing journey, bewildered by her new surroundings.'
  8. 'About 1949, the harrowing experience was relived by mother.'
  9. 'The case histories of the three women afflicted with life-long suffering from the disease made harrowing reading.'
  10. 'What she went through had to have been harrowing.'
  11. 'The film is a harrowing tale about a woman who wakes up to find her husband dead.'


1. extremely disturbing or distressing; grievous: a harrowing experience.

More examples(as adjective)

"reliefs can be harrowing in ways."

"tales can be harrowing."

"experiences can be harrowing."

"stories can be harrowing."

"pictures can be harrowing."

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