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A barbed spear-like missile attached to a long rope and thrown by hand or fired from a gun, used for catching whales and other large sea creatures.
  1. 'The whale-line is the length of rope attached to the harpoon, which connects the boat to the whale it is following.'
  2. 'Makah whalers threw harpoons on three occasions, but the harpoons did not attach to a gray whale on any of these attempts.'
  3. 'The harpooneer not only must be ready to throw the harpoon at a moment's notice; he also must keep rowing with everyone else, and be yelling encouragement to everyone else.'
  4. 'The Inuit still love in the remote Greenland in an ‘ice age culture that began 4000 years ago ’, and they hunt with harpoons, wear skins and fur of hunted animals and travel by dog sleds.'
  5. 'Animal rightists hurled themselves between the harpoons and the whale in an effort to save its life.'
  6. 'The Norse, because of their bad attitude towards the Inuit did not adopt useful Inuit technology, so the Norse never adopted harpoons, hence they couldn't eat whales like the Inuit.'
  7. 'He could throw a 40-pound harpoon with line attached as easily as an athlete could handle a javelin.'
  8. 'The Thule already had characteristics of culture common to Inuit culture: the use of dogs, sleds, kayaks, and whale hunting with harpoons.'
  9. 'With a grenade-tipped harpoon, the whale takes about thirty minutes to die.'
  10. 'If he throws the harpoon, the whale must be directly in front of his kayak, about 30 feet away, close but not too close - or the animal's powerful dive will submerge him and he will likely drown.'


Spear with a harpoon.
  1. 'For a monarch caterpillar, ingesting milkweed poisons is not a surefire defense against a predatory stinkbug, which harpoons its victims before sucking up the body fluids.'
  2. 'Government-owned radio RTHK said Lever tried to harpoon the croc but missed because it was too far away.'
  3. 'While I was there, I was invited aboard a catcher boat, which hunts and harpoons whales.'

More definitions

1. a barbed, spearlike missile attached to a rope, and thrown by hand or shot from a gun, used for killing and capturing whales and large fish.

2. (initial capital letter) Military. a jet-powered, radar-guided U.S. Navy cruise missile with a high explosive warhead designed for use against surface ships and launchable from a surface vessel, submerged submarine, or aircraft. verb (used with object)

3. to strike, catch, or kill with or as if with a harpoon.

More examples(as adjective)

"whales can be harpooned."

"people can be harpooned."


(harpoon)Early 17th century (denoting a barbed dart or spear): from French harpon, from harpe ‘dog's claw, clamp’, via Latin from Greek harpē ‘sickle’.