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A set of straps and fittings by which a horse or other draught animal is fastened to a cart, plough, etc. and is controlled by its driver.
  1. 'Among the discoveries was the rich burial of a young man, buried with weapons, vessels of wood and bronze, and horse harness, his horse buried alongside in a separate grave.'
  2. 'With driving time at a premium, modern carriages and synthetic harnesses make life a lot easier.'
  3. 'It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.'
  4. 'The ancient horse harness was no more and no less efficient than the famous horse collar of the eleventh century.'
  5. 'Sheera stands next to him, the horse's harness still in her grip.'
  6. 'However, small items such as brooches and horse harnesses made out of recycled bronze in native styles have occasionally been found at forts.'
  7. 'I went about my usual morning routine, feeding Angel Wing and the pull horses, and putting on the harnesses for the carts.'
  8. 'Cyril intercepted them, grabbing the near horse's harness and steering them to the rings set in the outside of the barn and tying them there.'
  9. 'The accompanying drudgery was worth it and if you have ever tried to lift a set of heavy horse harness you will have some idea of the effort required.'
  10. 'Incredible finds from the square barrow grave dating from the third or fourth century included richly ornamented pieces of horse harness and parts from the wheels of the chariot.'
  11. 'I had a long walk out hauling my glider and harness on my kayak cart, but got to the party in time.'
  12. 'Then there is the issue that Bo's accident highlights, where he neglected to attach the chute bridle to the harness.'
  13. 'I love staking the gliders into the wind and hanging the harness from the hang strap to balance it out - a dynamic stability, like flying.'
  14. 'I closed my car door and strapped the racing harness on.'
  15. 'Their eyes, all four of them, rolled and showed white as the harnesses were strapped to them, mindful of the spikes that traveled down their spines, sharp and menacing.'
  16. 'Bill moved to the other seat on the bridge and fastened the harness across his waist and chest.'
  17. 'Mr Howland, who always gave instructions to fasten the harnesses before they started cleaning the windows, went to check on the other three men working on different levels of the building when the tragedy happened.'
  18. 'She double-checked the harness fastening her to the basket.'
  19. 'There was no gravity inside the small pod so the two survivors were strapped into harnesses to keep from floating around.'
  20. 'As soon as he strapped his harness around him, he felt the transition as Costanza deactivated the artificial gravity field.'


Put a harness on (a horse or other draught animal)
  1. 'the horse was harnessed to two long shafts'
  2. 'He harnessed the two horses and led them outside the front door to wait for Ashe.'
  3. 'But of course the great plan, the master plan for the property is to one day lay down a track, to harness up a horse, and start jogging one up and learn to drive.'
  4. 'Monkeys were dressed as soldiers and rode atop goats harnessed to a small chariot.'
  5. 'On the other side, Silent George harnessed an old mare and headed out to the edge of his farm near the river.'
  6. 'Outside the door Osred was harnessing two horses to the waggon.'
  7. 'James returned as the morning was fading into the afternoon, a second horse harnessed to his.'
  8. 'Cantus paused mid-step, his eyes on the freakish beast that was harnessed to the cart.'
Control and make use of (natural resources), especially to produce energy.
  1. figurative 'projects that harness the creativity of those living in the ghetto'
  2. 'Each electrical appliance harnesses the energy of electrons in some way to create a useful side effect.'
  3. 'A waste to energy plant where heat generated in the process will be harnessed to provide enough power for 50,000 homes.'
  4. 'The rapids have since been harnessed to provide the city with hydroelectricity.'
  5. '‘Ireland should be harnessing its natural resources and should be a net exporter of power rather than an importer,’ he said.'
  6. 'But now they're also realizing the power of this gushing water can be harnessed to produce electricity.'
  7. 'In this way, the energy released by the exergonic reaction can be partially harnessed to drive the endergonic one.'
  8. 'The center harnesses the nature's energy in a number of ways to save energy costs and the environment.'
  9. 'In January Wavegen was awarded a £2.1m grant to develop a new prototype to harness wave energy.'
  10. 'The system would have produced 3.5 megawatts - the five turbines being designed to harness tidal energy and turn it into electricity.'
  11. 'An excellent example of successfully harnessing solar energy was demonstrated to the world at the Sydney Olympic Park last month.'

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1. the combination of straps, bands, and other parts forming the working gear of a draft animal.Compare yoke1 (def 1).

2. (on a loom) the frame containing heddles through which the warp is drawn and which, in combination with another such frame or other frames, forms the shed and determines the woven pattern.

3. the equipment, as straps, bolts, or gears, by which a large bell is mounted and rung.

4. Electricity. wiring harness.

5. armor for persons or horses. verb (used wit

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"racings can be harness."


Middle English: from Old French harneis ‘military equipment’, from Old Norse, from herr ‘army’ + nest ‘provisions’.


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