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Tuneful; not discordant.
  1. 'During the performance, gamelan players are required to display both music and dance skills, exhibiting a perfect blend of expressive dance movements and harmonious music.'
  2. 'It mixes harmonious, romantic Cuban music and the passion of flamenco singing.'
  3. 'The harmonious music and singing were provided by Mrs McAufield and the school choir, with primary seven pupils taking part in various tasks to bring the service together.'
  4. 'The lead vocals matched the music perfectly and flexed from a gentle harmonious type vocal to the more Mancunian swagger, familiar within many Manchester artists.'
  5. 'Boasting a solid, multi-talented cast, Inanna is clever and grand in its scope, with music that careens between harmonious and neatly dissonant.'
  6. 'It was the sort of tune that was difficult not to take to, and it strolled through my imagination, its harmonious music leaving footprints as it ambled along.'
  7. 'Among the acts that took to the stage were hilarious novelty acts, rhythmic dance routines, some melodious individual singing, harmonious duets and even a few notable musicians.'
  8. 'After a day of hard work, you can sit down and enjoy one cup of freshly brewed cappuccino with a choice of tempting cakes and fruit tarts, while listening to the harmonious sounds of a live pianist playing your favourite tunes.'
  9. 'With a rich, honey-thick voice, an ear for the catchiest turn of vocal and lyrical phrase, and a harmonious way with a melody, Reid Jamieson turns eight homemade acoustic demos into a thing of beauty.'
  10. 'She always had the best diorama in social studies class, the most realistic drawing in art, and the most harmonious voice in music.'
  11. 'the decor is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern'
  12. 'Now everything fell into place and conveyed a beautiful idea in the harmonious blend of warm and cool colours chosen by the artists.'
  13. 'You only get another go as ‘you’ if you manage to reconcile all the differences between these spirits and blend them into a harmonious whole with the ability to create.'
  14. 'It is always better to have a harmonious blend of the ancient and the modern.'
  15. 'Within the meditative tradition, cheerfulness is considered to be the natural, harmonious and wholesome expression of our truest self.'
  16. 'What we end up with is a surprisingly harmonious blend of, well, video game tunes and traditional style Celtic rhythms.'
  17. 'It involves a whole way of living in which meditation, life, and activity are meant to blend into one harmonious integrality.'
  18. 'The result is a harmonious blend of historic and new styles that is both unexpected and interesting.'
  19. 'These construction s of the south as freer and more harmonious would have been particularly attractive to Signac and his Neo-Impressionist colleagues.'
  20. 'Osmania University was a harmonious blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture, Prof. Rao pointed out.'
  21. 'The feminine forms give more scope to express the rhythmic and harmonious qualities of Indian art traditions and to create highly stylised forms, he says.'
  22. 'I feel that any information we can share will be very useful to the both of us, and I look forward to a harmonious relationship between us.'
  23. 'Trying to maintain a harmonious atmosphere among a squad where one out of every two players is sure to be bitterly disappointed at not being selected on a starting team is no easy task - especially when the stakes are so high.'
  24. 'When they embark upon marrying someone, they should do so with sincerity of purpose and with the intention of creating a harmonious relationship.'
  25. 'Keeping young people happy and out of trouble is arguably the key to obtaining a harmonious society and Toby Wilson, from Castelnau Youth Club in Barnes, is one of the unsung heroes whose work contributes to this mammoth task.'
  26. 'Again, it was the patron's role to mediate between the artist and the press, ensuring a harmonious relationship on both sides.'
  27. 'These types of students are cooperative and interested in building a harmonious relationship with their teacher and peers.'
  28. 'McEwan may persuade readers to believe in his harmonious little clique, but as a social allegory, his image of family life is hard to swallow.'
  29. 'Jen is an essential element of Confucianism and represents an ideal state in which an individual maintains harmonious social relationships with his fellow men.'
  30. 'The childhood socialization practices that emphasize harmonious relationships again play a role.'
  31. 'Festival organizers aimed for a harmonious parade of different masquerades, the order of which was controlled by officials urging groups forward and holding them back.'


1. marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action: a harmonious group.

2. forming a pleasingly consistent whole; congruous: harmonious colors.

3. pleasant to the ear; tuneful; melodious.

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"voices can be harmonious in/at/on dates."

"periods can be harmonious on policies."

"movements can be harmonious in designs."

"relationships can be harmonious."

"relations can be harmonious."

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