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A small rectangular wind instrument with a row of metal reeds along its length, held against the lips and moved from side to side to produce different notes by blowing or sucking.
  1. 'The music is a unique sound of Irish folk ballads, traditional tunes with vocals accompanied by bazouki, bodhrán, harmonicas and whistles.'
  2. 'He blew into his harmonica with the microphone pressed hard up to its air outlets.'

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1. Also called mouth organ. a musical wind instrument consisting of a small rectangular case containing a set of metal reeds connected to a row of holes, over which the player places the mouth and exhales and inhales to produce the tones.

2. any of various percussion instruments that use graduated bars of metal or other hard material as sounding elements.

More examples(as adjective)

"players can be harmonica."

"dice can be harmonica."


Mid 18th century: from Latin, feminine singular or neuter plural of harmonicus ‘musical’ (see harmonic).