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Causing or likely to cause harm.
  1. 'sugars which can be harmful to the teeth'
  2. 'My mother was so protective that now I feel it was actually quite harmful to me.'
  3. 'High work demands and high mobilisation of efforts at work may not always indicate harmful stress.'
  4. 'It could be said that alcohol and tobacco are much more harmful drugs than either cocaine or heroin.'
  5. 'This is a highly controversial treatment and it is suggested that it might be harmful.'
  6. 'The lining of the stomach produces a B acid to help digest food and also protect from harmful bacteria.'
  7. 'From what I've been told smoking cannabis is allegedly less harmful than cigarettes.'
  8. 'We learn patterns of behaviour there - some of which are useful, some of which are harmful.'
  9. 'Chocolate is legal and more effective and also has no harmful side-effects whatsoever.'
  10. 'Pollution on our roads is far more harmful to us all than cigarette smoke will ever be.'
  11. 'Are the more sexual representations merely offensive, or can they be genuinely harmful?'


1. causing or capable of causing harm; injurious: a harmful idea; a harmful habit.

More examples(as adjective)

"suggestions can be harmful for futures."

"fevers can be harmful to humans."

"diseases can be harmful to humans."

"squeezes can be harmful to economies."

"cigarettes can be harmful to healths."

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