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The wood from a broadleaved tree (such as oak, ash, or beech) as distinguished from that of conifers.
  1. count noun 'their import of tropical hardwoods'
  2. 'Some of it will just peel off without damaging the original finish on the hardwood.'
  3. 'At the custom level, tropical hardwoods such as teak and mahogany doors are also possible.'
  4. 'The wood engraver uses a hardwood, generally box, sawn across the grain of the wood and highly polished.'
  5. 'If you use charcoal, buy products made from hardwood because soft woods burn at higher temperatures.'
  6. 'The rooves are made of temperate hardwood which is widely believed to be more environmentally friendly than tropical hardwood.'
  7. 'Units in the development feature oil-fired central heating, teak hardwood front doors and tongue-and-groove white deal flooring upstairs.'
  8. 'The two basic categories of wood are hardwood and softwood.'
  9. 'The best decking is made of hardwood or pressure-treated softwood.'
  10. 'How many pistols used grips made of walnut is not known, but at some point, the hardwood used was light in color, and the grips were blackened using a paint-like stain.'
  11. 'Fortunately, the building material used then was hardwood and it has survived well, especially given the severities of the tropical climate.'
  12. 'the land isn't fertile enough for hardwoods'
  13. 'Its highest peak scrapes 8,749 feet into the Chihuahuan Desert sky and snags 21 inches of rain a year, enough to nourish these unlikely forests of firs and hardwoods.'
  14. 'Myers estimated that logging for tropical hardwoods such as ebony and mahogany was causing the elimination of about 20,000 square miles of tropical forests per year.'
  15. 'Carved from a dense forest of hardwoods and pines in the southwest Richmond, Va., suburb of Manakin-Sabot, most of Kinloch's holes are unusually broad.'
  16. 'Most conifers and a few hardwoods, such as sweetgum and tuliptree, have excurrent forms.'
  17. 'Rich hardwoods of myrtle, blackwood, sassafras and Huon pine mingle with common eucalypts.'
  18. 'During the storms of January 7-8, more than 500,000 trees were blown down across Cumbria, including hardwoods, such as oaks, birch, beech and sycamore.'
  19. 'Tropical hardwood is the usual material for piers and jetties and its use for such a scheme would be against the council's environmental charter.'
  20. 'Testing of the fungus on several economically important hardwood and softwood trees showed no harmful effects.'
  21. 'Although nitrification was detected for at least one time period in all sites, substantial nitrification occurred only in the hardwood cultivated sites.'
  22. 'Soil nutrients and nitrification appeared to vary more by land use in hardwood stands than in conifer stands.'
  23. 'The mushroom business has proven a perfect complement to her tree nursery, which contains a collection of native hardwoods such as oak, ash and holly.'
  24. 'The rolling hills of northern Wisconsin's glacial kettle moraine are densely forested with hardwoods, birch and aspen and pitted with potholes and lakes.'
  25. 'On an exceptionally warm fall day, my wife and I went for a walk at a nature preserve, a mixed area of open sphagnum bogs and glacially derived sand dunes, now overgrown with white pine and hardwoods.'
  26. 'These two species survive as relict populations in the mountains of eastern Mexico, sometimes in high elevation conifer stands but also in stands at mid-elevation that include hardwood trees.'
  27. 'Prakosa added that the Malaysians should not deny the report as there was solid evidence of the activities of receiving illegal ramin hardwood from Indonesia.'
  28. 'The champion bluegum may be the biggest naturalized tree and the biggest hardwood in America, but for many, it's also the biggest weed.'
  29. 'Lime trees are a hardwood tree, and limewood's particular structural character lends itself well to carving, allowing tools to be used both along the grain and to some extent axially.'
  30. 'Indonesia banned in 2001 the sale of ramin, a blond tropical hardwood, and registered it under CITES Appendix 3 to curb the illegal trade.'
  31. 'He described four principal forest types: upland pines, upland pine-hardwood, upland hardwood, and bottomland hardwood.'
  32. '‘The larger feed wheels work better in crooked trees, especially hardwood, and the maintenance costs are lower,’ he explains.'
(in gardening) mature growth on shrubs and other plants.
  1. 'This method still applies to hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants.'
  2. 'When using the second method for rooting hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants you do everything exactly the same as you do with method number one, up to the point where you bury them for the winter.'
  3. 'Winter may not seem like the best time for gardening, but it's actually an excellent time to propagate plants from hardwood or root cuttings.'

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1. the hard, compact wood or timber of various trees, as the oak, cherry, maple, or mahogany.

2. a tree yielding such wood. adjective

3. made or constructed of hardwood: a hardwood floor.

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"trees can be hardwood."

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"products can be hardwood."

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