Adjective "hardwired" definition and examples

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Make (a function) a permanent feature in a computer by means of permanently connected circuits, so that it cannot be altered by software.
  1. 'hardwired microprocessors only execute code; they themselves are not programmable'
  2. 'He dismissed claims from ServGate that NetScreen's hardware lacks flexibility, pointing out that its appliances feature programmable RISC processors as well as hard-wired ASICs.'
  3. 'In electronic jargon we can imagine that it is a hard-wired input - output circuit.'
  4. 'you can use the alligator clips, or hardwire the unit in and mount it'
Make (a pattern of behaviour or belief) standard or instinctive.
  1. 'a hardwired sense of morality'

More definitions

1. Computers. built into a computer's hardware and thus not readily changed. (of a terminal) connected to a computer by a direct circuit rather than through a switching network.

2. (of electrical or electronic components) connected by hardwiring.

3. pertaining to or being an intrinsic and relatively unmodifiable behavior pattern: Every cricket has a hard-wired pattern of chirps.

More examples(as adjective)

"telephones can be hardwired."

"security systems can be hardwired."

"manners can be hardwired."