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Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment.
  1. 'So Iran had to undertake a secrete program to acquire the advanced hardware and technical knowledge.'
  2. 'They do have a problem with the procurement of future hardware, but that is no excuse for weakening our current defence capability.'
  3. 'India has built up remarkable capability in training, military technology and in hardware.'
  4. 'He showered it with billions of dollars of military hardware.'
  5. 'There's been some heavy hardware going in and outta that place.'
  6. 'Much of this debate so far has been preoccupied with the hardware of the military.'
  7. 'Incomplete equipment may render some of the new hardware incapable of being more than military targets.'
  8. 'The hardware and timing routines were the same as those used in Experiment 1.'
  9. 'Yet, the US has displayed an awesome presence with more hardware on its way.'
  10. 'Using outsourcing, a business will pay for the IT service and not the IT hardware.'
  11. 'available from DIY stores and hardware shops'
  12. 'Chris and her brother Jim run it alongside the grocery business, hardware store and fishing tackle shop.'
  13. 'They aren't expensive and are sold by DIY shops, hardware stores and locksmiths.'
  14. 'Note the volume of metal hardware on bags and opt for some with hardware styling.'
  15. 'As a general merchandiser it offers shoes, clothes, domestic hardware and household goods.'
  16. 'The hardware stores sold spades, forks, rakes and all sorts of farming implements.'
  17. 'If you want to prove your attention to detail, you can also work on things like hardware and fixtures.'
  18. 'Max Attrill is calling it quits after 49 years in hardware and trade supplies.'
  19. 'Retail products range from work wear and lawn and garden supplies to hardware and pet foods.'
  20. 'Apart from selling groceries, Lidl stores also sell hardware and clothes.'
  21. 'The list of items bought included lawn equipment, bathroom fixtures, hardware and even a refrigerator.'
The machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.
  1. 'This avoids the complications that often result from putting old hardware into new equipment.'
  2. 'Server hardware is usually built to facilitate easy upgrading of hardware and replacing of broken parts.'
  3. 'Thus the financial and technological investment required is measured as much in software as in any hardware terms.'
  4. 'The hardware has been redesigned to prevent damage caused by short circuits or power surges.'
  5. 'They can persuade us to spend thousands on high-tech hardware that becomes obsolete the moment we sign the credit card chit.'
  6. 'The development and testing of the Alarm hardware was a lengthy and challenging process.'
  7. 'Linux is one popular variety, mainly because it is free and runs on intel hardware.'
  8. 'It has put in - for free - Wi-Fi hardware equipment in a slew of hotels around Ireland.'
  9. 'You'll know that your network hardware is set up properly when every PC in your home has internet access.'
  10. 'After his surgeon replaced the infected hardware, Downing was finally good to go.'
  11. 'If you buy a new computer, monitor or mobile phone this Christmas, recycle your hardware.'

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1. metalware, as tools, locks, hinges, or cutlery.

2. the mechanical equipment necessary for conducting an activity, usually distinguished from the theory and design that make the activity possible.

3. military weapons and combat equipment.

4. Slang. a weapon carried on one's person: The rougher types were asked to check their hardware at the door.

5. Computers. the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical devices comprising a computer system, as the CPU, disk drives, keyboa

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