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Highly amplified rock music with a heavy beat.
  1. 'Radio-friendly hard rock doesn't always have to suck, but Nural aren't going to prove that to anyone.'
  2. 'And while they play a bit of funky hard rock, the band threw in a old-school punk song that warmed up the audience.'
  3. 'The four men of DIY Band are not young kids playing hard rock with heavy make-up.'
  4. 'True heavy metal, as distinguished from hard rock, has always had a prominent element of classical music.'
  5. 'Allwyn Fernandes has all bases covered from hard rock and metal to jazz.'
  6. 'Still, there were a lot of people jamming out to various types of hard rock / heavy metal.'
  7. 'The result is reserved, predictable hard rock that never gets out of first gear when it should be in overdrive.'
  8. 'Listen to all three of her released albums and you'll hear folk, jazz, hard rock, even a Spanish love song.'
  9. 'Somehow, the band manages to keep its furious mix of polka, punk, klezmer, hard rock and free jazz in sync.'
  10. 'What Simple Plan is to punk, so Incubus is to hard rock: a distant cousin that is more popular than the original.'

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1. the original form of rock-'n'-roll, basically dependent on a consistently loud and strong beat.

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"minerals can be hardrock."

"mines can be hardrock."

"sources can be hardrock."

"fees can be hardrock."


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