Adjective "hardnosed" definition and examples

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Realistic and determined; tough-minded.
  1. 'He is a tough, hard-nosed player who is playing with more emotion than ever.'
  2. 'Hence the need for real realism, for a view more clear-eyed and hard-nosed than we've had before.'
  3. 'The hard-nosed realists in the OHL and their associates knew otherwise.'
  4. 'Far from seeming hard-nosed and realistic, they suddenly appear beside the point, if not immoral.'
  5. 'Companies run by hard-nosed business people wouldn't be spending millions on it if it didn't work.'
  6. 'He left that image to dwell on and returned to it after the hard-nosed business audit was over and after he had walloped Hague and the shadow cabinet.'
  7. 'Yet, putting sentiment aside, land management has to be considered as a hard-nosed business.'
  8. 'Although a hard-nosed pragmatist, Waugh was hurt that his batting was not given due credit.'
  9. 'The pair are known as pragmatic, hard-nosed businessmen, and they are thought to have little sentimental attachment to the club.'
  10. 'His methods fit what was probably the requirements of the time and place for a hard-nosed businessman.'


1. hardheaded or tough; unsentimentally practical: a hard-nosed labor leader.

More examples(as adjective)

"negotiations can be hardnosed."