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A member of a group, typically a political group, who adheres uncompromisingly to a set of ideas or policies.
  1. 'The veteran hardliner has been droning on about her political burnout for years, and has also long had to live with open speculation that her husband is an intelligence agent on the payroll of the French government.'
  2. 'For one thing, the military itself is divided between reformists and hardliners.'
  3. 'But now, an ultra hardliner has been elected president with a huge, if artificially augmented, majority.'
  4. '‘I take part in all security cabinet meetings and never has such a plan been submitted,’ Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, a noted hardliner, told military radio.'
  5. 'Police were called out to guard cinemas after protests by Hindu hardliners.'
  6. 'Since then, his reforms have largely been stymied by theological and political hardliners.'
  7. 'He was appointed to assume the political leadership as a hardliner who could deal with the growing Solidarno movement.'
  8. 'Of course hardliners of different political parties would have different views.'
  9. 'Rice is National Security Advisor to President Bush, his closest White House influence and a hardliner on foreign policy.'
  10. 'During that struggle, support tends to solidify around the hardliners, giving them an authority ordinary politicians lack.'

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1. a person who adheres rigidly to a dogma, theory, or plan.

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