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Capable of enduring difficult conditions; robust.
  1. 'This breed is hardy and simple grooming will keep its beautiful appearance shown to best advantage.'
  2. 'Richards has jokingly suggested that he comes from hardy stock which can withstand things that would kill the average person.'
  3. 'The walkers are a hardy community though and gather by 4 am to do their brisk rounds.'
  4. 'Even the hardy Scandinavians on the tour are in woollies and thick socks.'
  5. 'The hallikara is known to be a hardy breed suited to the needs of dry land farming.'
  6. 'The mountainous region around the small Corsican town of Bastilyica breeds a hardy, proud people.'
  7. 'The infrastructure to combat hardy weather conditions was carefully put into force here.'
  8. 'Stephen proved a little more hardy than his hunky doctor character, who in the TV programme fainted at the sight of his own blood.'
  9. 'Both sides defied the terrible conditions to turn in an entertaining display in front of the hardy few hundred who braved the elements.'
  10. 'The hazards of life in a border area are many… the land makes its people hardy.'
  11. 'a favourite flowering shrub for early spring, vigorous and hardy'
  12. 'However, some mass marketers have trees and shrubs that are not winter hardy in the area sold.'
  13. 'Most species are so extremely winter hardy and easy to grow that no garden should be without them.'
  14. 'If a plant is rated as hardy to zone 2 we know how low a temperature plunge that plant is likely to survive.'
  15. 'Outdoors, sow cold hardy crops like lettuce, spinach, other leafy greens and peas.'
  16. 'Ah, well I'm particularly interested in your range of hardy Geraniums.'
  17. 'It's a good time to plant holly and yew as well as hardy ferns.'
  18. 'The vegetation is certainly hardy, it has to be, and there is the expectation of winter rainfalls.'
  19. 'The fuchsia isn't necessarily hardy but it has survived one winter outside and in a sheltered spot near a house wall it may well cope again.'
  20. 'If you don't know whether or not your roses are winter hardy, err on the side of caution and protect them.'
  21. 'Although the tubers themselves are winter hardy, a mulch layer is highly recommended.'


1. capable of enduring fatigue, hardship, exposure, etc.; sturdy; strong: hardy explorers of northern Canada.

2. (of plants) able to withstand the cold of winter in the open air.

3. requiring great physical courage, vigor, or endurance: the hardiest sports.

4. bold or daring; courageous: hardy soldiers.

5. unduly bold; presumptuous; foolhardy.

More examples(as adjective)

"survivors can be hardiest."

"investors can be hardiest."


(hardy)Middle English (in the sense ‘bold, daring’): from Old French hardi, past participle of hardir ‘become bold’, of Germanic origin; related to hard.