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Uncompromisingly direct and honest, especially in revealing unpalatable facts.
  1. 'In other words they wish to feed their own egos, impressing their public with their concept of direct hard-hitting so-called truths.'
  2. 'Saying his ejection from the frontbench was inevitable, he went on to make some hard-hitting criticisms about the state of his own party.'
  3. 'The usually hard-hitting critics of the ABC in some media outlets seem to have ignored this story completely.'
  4. 'In fact, the subtitled video is a poignant and hard-hitting meditation on four Turkish women who wear wigs, and why they do so.'
  5. 'One of the standout films of the festival, Proteus was hard-hitting and frank.'
  6. 'It poses a direct and hard-hitting question: to what extent is civility compatible with religion?'
  7. 'The campaign, backed by Swindon Council and the police, has seen hard-hitting posters go up in car parks across town.'
  8. 'Stephen Lewis reports on a new, hard-hitting campaign with posters such as this to keep children safe and away from railway lines during the Easter holidays.'
  9. 'The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis criticized the newly hard-hitting coverage.'
  10. 'However, even though the hard-hitting report was very critical of AIB management, no senior manager was sacked.'


1. striking or capable of striking with force.

2. strikingly or effectively forceful: a hard-hitting exposé.

More examples(as adjective)

"submissions can be hardhitting."