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Make or become hard or harder.
  1. with object 'bricks which seem to have been hardened by firing'
  2. 'If it hardens in the firing pin hole, we may have to use a Dremel tool and a pick to get it out.'
  3. 'This isn't as much of a concern in the winter months, when the ground freezes over and hardens.'
  4. 'Linseed oil putty is used because when it hardens, it contributes to the structure of the window.'
  5. 'Instead of being mixed with liquid, they are mixed with a rubbery material that stays rubbery and doesn't harden like glue.'
  6. 'I have seen soft teeth harden after cod liver oil and lots of butter are added to the diet.'
  7. 'Thermoplastics, which soften when heated and harden when cooled, run the gamut from commodity to engineering plastics.'
  8. 'These are essential for keeping fat and water dispersed evenly in an emulsion, and then binding the free water after freezing and hardening so ice crystal formation is negligible.'
  9. 'Tung oil will harden, not stay soft and oily as the typical oil finish you mention.'
  10. 'If the weather warms up the pitch will harden and produce variable bounce,’ says Charles Downes.'
  11. 'Heather has coped with a genetic disorder which thickens and hardens her bones and Tom gained his award for rescuing his toddler sister from drowning.'
  12. 'The opening line was, ‘Immigration, it seems, hardens hearts and softens brains like few other issues’.'
  13. 'Softly the wind blew his wispy hair, and his cheeks hardened, the shadows falling down as the sun set farther into the sky.'
  14. 'A glut of sob stories, short memories and disenchantment over aid funds will create a backlash that hardens people's hearts toward tragedy.'
  15. 'Drivers' expressions harden and freeze as ruts deepen, mud thickens and the suspicion dawns that 4WD may not after all be the complete antidote to the laws of gravity and friction, but still they press on.'
  16. 'Jeff Leighton, FBU Executive Council member for the Yorkshire region, said there was no doubt attitudes had continued to harden since the strike began.'
  17. 'An instant later her eyes seemed to harden and become as hard and cold as the rock whose color they took.'
  18. 'Within the airline, attitudes appear to be hardening considerably.'
  19. 'My heart should not be hardening against him but it has and yet it feels like porcelain and as if it is starting to crack.'
  20. 'But I will say this: if this conflict should widen, or go on much longer than anticipated, I have little doubt that public support will only harden.'
  21. 'They had been rejected, first, by the father of the child and then by a number of people who, after giving them shelter, eventually hardened their hearts and turned them out.'
  22. no object 'suspicion hardened into certainty'
  23. 'The generalised irreverence of his earlier films has hardened into a focused attack on the equal absurdities of war and the British class system.'
  24. 'And those opinions hardened into a kind of religious conviction beyond change when Hoddle left England in 1987.'
  25. 'The Tories seem to believe that they can harden up their core support through scapegoating.'
  26. 'He did this to harden up electoral support and build a core of activists committed not just to racism, but to fascism.'
  27. 'Michael Howard has finally stopped wittering on about immigration after discovering that this is hardening up the Labour support.'
  28. 'A surprised burst of laughter softened Adrienne's face before it hardened into familiar lines.'
  29. 'He wasn't terribly popular in our part of the constituency and rumours, some of which have hardened into allegations, abounded.'
  30. 'With the Lebanese government balking at an international investigation into the murder, tensions are rising and positions hardening.'
  31. 'The lightness of the first film had hardened into a frantic, unpleasant quality - it's easily the worst of the series.'
  32. 'They see that his supporters are hardening in their views but not increasing their numbers.'
  33. 'if oil prices harden at the end of this century'
  34. 'The market is hardening all the time and I feel it will remain active over the coming months,’ said Stanley.'
  35. 'He said ‘As the prospects of a bumper EU harvest fade rapidly due to adverse weather conditions, market prices for grain will harden.’'
  36. 'Trade has kept pretty steady over the past week, with lamb prices hardening in response to smaller numbers on the market.'
  37. 'However, this is looking increasingly unrealistic as the view hardens that a sustained DRAM price recovery must happen for the PC industry's traditional uptick period to start in September.'
  38. 'Similarly, the authors of a number of country case studies report evidence of greater wage and price flexibility with the hardening of the exchange rate commitment.'
  39. 'The latest polling evidence suggests that while opposition to Britain joining the euro is hardening, popular support for the UK staying in membership of the European Union is at its strongest in nearly a decade.'
  40. 'Harper puts great stock in the role of insurance as a way of both incentivizing efficient levels of target hardening and of coping with the risks of loss from such events.'
  41. 'The commercial insurance market is hardening, as they say in the insurance business.'
  42. '‘By the time the standards harden, we have something that has been used by a lot of people,’ said Bob Sutor, IBM's director of e-Business strategy.'
  43. 'Bord Gáis has not hiked prices by anything like that amount to the consumer, but it is coming under increasing pressure due to the hardening of prices on the wholesale market in Britain.'

More definitions

1. to make hard or harder: to harden steel.

2. to make pitiless or unfeeling: to harden one's heart.

3. to make rigid or unyielding; stiffen: The rigors of poverty hardened his personality.

4. to strengthen or confirm, especially with reference to character, intentions, feelings, etc.; reinforce.

5. to make hardy, robust, or capable of endurance; toughen.

6. Military. to reinforce the structure of (a military or strategic installation) to protect it from nu

More examples(as adjective)

"ends can be harden in fires."

"yields can be harden."

"ends can be harden."

"disruptions can be harden."


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