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(of a book) bound in stiff covers; hardback.
  1. 'The interviewer, Bob Wayne, tries to kill some time in conversation with Scott Nyback; during which we learn that there's going to be a new hardcover edition of V for Vendetta published in September.'
  2. 'Best of all, publishers push hardcover sales back up, where profits are higher than paperbacks - and test out which books are so popular that they will make for great paperback sellers.'
  3. 'Instead, the hardcover edition of Seabiscuit: An American Legend remained on The New York Times best-seller list for 30 weeks.'
  4. 'Having done a very brief stint in publishing post-college, I'm flabbergasted by the initial hardcover print run, which is set at 1 million copies.'
  5. 'Russ Cochran, who has republished all the other EC material in quality, hardcover volumes the last few decades, has finally reached the final body of work in the pantheon.'
  6. 'The momentum continues even today: HarperBusiness, its publisher, is putting out a new hardcover edition in January 2005.'
  7. '‘The King’ is a wonderful book; when it comes out in paperback (or in a lower-priced hardcover edition) grab a copy as fast as you can!'
  8. 'Librarians have not stopped purchasing the hardcover edition in order to purchase the audiocassette tape.'
  9. 'Besides, this Christmas, Harlequin is coming out with a hardcover anthology of their best romance tales.'
  10. 'A hardcover anthology released in the last month lists Bob Kane as the artist on stories that no one disputes are primarily or wholly the work for Sheldon Moldoff.'


A book bound in stiff covers; a hardback.
  1. 'Francine went to backhand him across the face, but Keiran held up his book and she wacked her hand across the hardcover.'
  2. 'One of the books was a small hardcover, which the politician handed to the other school captain.'
  3. 'His latest hardcover, a redolent bouquet called The Acme Novelty Date Book, may be his most threatening.'
  4. 'This person will never buy a book and spends time in bookstores reading the latest hardcovers, hoping to remain in the loop on current titles.'
  5. 'After dominating daytime television for over a decade and moving masses of hardcovers with her book club, Oprah Winfrey is preparing to make a splash in magazine publishing.'
  6. 'I'd love to see a high quality disinfo book on spare. a classy hardcover would be particularly nice.'
  7. 'I even bought the lady's book afterwards - a hardcover, no less, which I almost never buy.'
  8. 'Feiffer's hardcover, a collection of superhero tales from comic books' Golden Age was unique in its day.'
  9. 'I don't own nearly enough hardcover books from Amazon.'


1. a book bound in cloth, leather, or the like, over stiff material: Hardcovers are more durable than paperbacks. adjective

2. bound in cloth, leather, or the like, over stiff material: a hardcover series.

3. noting or pertaining to hardcover books: hardcover sales.

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