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(of an egg) boiled until the white and the yolk are solid.
  1. 'I was getting all sorts of rich flavours from a cold hard-boiled egg.'
  2. 'I'll often get a salad, and then put hard-boiled egg whites and turkey on it, maybe some fish, and grab some fruit for dessert.'
  3. 'Plus, I switch the protein shakes with hard-boiled egg whites.'
  4. 'He adds anchovy fillets to stews and casseroles instead of sea salt, and can't face a hard-boiled egg without an anchovy curled up on top of it.'
  5. 'Texture's certainly the reason I despised hard-boiled egg yolks, though it doesn't explain my fear of eating potato salad.'
  6. 'Diced hard-boiled eggs with the shell and whole-grain cereals and wheat bread are also excellent items to add to their diet.'
  7. 'The hearty breakfast buffet includes hot oatmeal, seasonal fruit, hard-boiled eggs, baked apples and whole-grain breads.'
  8. '‘A typical breakfast consists of a mashed up hard-boiled egg, a white soup-like substance, and bread and cream,’ said Chandler.'
  9. 'David's plan informed me that I was allowed to snack on two celery sticks, half a red pepper, plus some chopped hard-boiled egg white - whereupon I told David to stuff it, and ate a bowl of Frosties and three marshmallows.'
  10. 'This may include folar, a cake made of sweet dough and topped with hard-boiled eggs.'
(of a person) tough and cynical.
  1. 'Walter Mosely is one of the few other black hard-boiled writers making an impact.'
  2. 'A jumbled curiosity of a film, Charlie isn't sure whether it wants to be a hard-boiled gangster thriller, a thoughtful biography, or a legal drama.'
  3. 'The convention of extralegality for a just cause antedates the advent of hard-boiled heroes.'
  4. 'Roy's hard-boiled man with a softer side is the forerunner of characters like Sam Spade, and the beginning of film-noir.'
  5. 'The role requires a fresh face, but a hard-boiled personality to sell the character.'
  6. 'In place of imposing rational discovery, the hard-boiled hero experiences bewildering initiation into the violence just under an urbane surface.'
  7. 'Revelation's story is all about Drake's evolution as an adventurer, so we needed a flexible character - someone who isn't a hard-boiled guy from the start.'
  8. 'Ads urged readers to become skilled, well-paid workers; hard-boiled heroes knocked heads with clients and agency owners over their workplace autonomy.'
  9. 'From the hard-boiled Aunt Vippy in Brooklyn to her loving mother who sends cheesecakes from the family home 12,000 miles away in Australia, all the women in her family are larger than life in both senses of the word.'
  10. 'These unbelievably hard-boiled women, one has already lost an eye and looks like Captain Ahab, transform over the course of the year from dry joke tellers to ticking time bombs.'
  11. 'a hard-boiled thriller'
  12. 'Following the dictates of the hard-boiled detective genre Jones plays with, there had to be violence in every episode, but I didn't want it to be without consequence, you know?'
  13. 'Chandler has somehow come to embody the genre of hard-boiled detective fiction, although he didn't (as some people seem to believe) create it.'
  14. 'What the cosmos of a sixteenth-century miller has to do with twentieth century hard-boiled detective fiction and nineteenth-century dime novels is beyond me.'
  15. 'It's a kind of hard-boiled detective novel in the style of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.'
  16. 'For hard-boiled fiction, the city is the preferred space - the city viewed from the margins, not the center, from a perspective that provides intimate knowledge of its darkest secrets.'
  17. 'Let's get one thing straight - Dashiell Hammett is the greatest author of hard-boiled detective fiction there ever was, or ever will be.'
  18. 'True, the city wasn't much like that housing Sam Spade in Dashiell Hammett's hard-boiled fiction, but then I knew better than to imagine it would be.'
  19. 'Most of the stories printed here were first published in Black Mask, a pulp fiction magazine which epitomised the unsentimental, bracing, hard-boiled style of which Hammett proved the prototype.'
  20. 'If the study's rich allegorical approach gives less emphasis to any element of hard-boiled crime fiction, it is the formal aspects of style, point of view, and narrative structure.'
  21. 'American forties noir was based on the often very dark popular novels of the twenties and thirties, dominated by the rise of what has come to be known as the hard-boiled school of crime fiction.'


1. to boil (an egg) until the yolk and white have become firm or solid.

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"markets can be hardboiled."

"eggs can be hardboiled."

"assessments can be hardboiled."