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Baseball, especially as contrasted with softball.
  1. 'Still, the White Sox were a delight, baseball players playing country hardball.'
  2. 'I have friends who've paid a lot of money to go to baseball fantasy camps to play hardball with ex-major leaguers.'
  3. 'If you read some of the dozens of spring previews, you'll read that your local hardball team had perhaps the worst offseason in all of baseball.'
  4. 'The event grew from there, as of course did the international game, which had pretty much displaced hardball as the game of choice in this country by the mid-1990's.'
  5. 'In fact, he's so pleased with his game that he's planning to join an amateur hardball league next season - just to get a little taste of his old major-league dream.'
  6. 'Eyewear is required in softball and hardball, singles and doubles.'
  7. 'Action aficionados should have nary a complaint with the quality of the hardball played here.'
  8. 'Then, once the real hardball begins - the, playoffs are a joy - most fans can no longer afford to go, Corporations buy up all the seats, bringing a joyless, almost dyspeptic, feel to arenas.'
  9. 'Softball nationals has more entrants than hardball nationals'
  10. 'The team is seeking experienced players 16 and older with hardball, fast pitch or softball experience that have a desire to play at an elite international caliber.'
  11. 'the leadership played hardball to win the vote'
  12. 'Still, it wasn't hard to grasp the meeting's big theme, a bitter game of hardball between the haves and have-nots.'
  13. '‘They play hardball, we play softball,’ Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile added.'
  14. 'If she wanted to play hardball, then he was game.'
  15. 'If Jackson plays hardball, he will point to the massive contracts that defensive tackles are pulling down.'

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1. baseball, as distinguished from softball. adjective

2. tough or ruthless: He wasn't ready for the hardball politics of Washington.

3. outspoken, challenging, or difficult: Reporters asked the president some hardball questions. Idioms

4. play hardball, to act or work aggressively, competitively, or ruthlessly, as in business or politics.

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"tactics can be hardball."

"people/places/organizations can be hardball."

"politicses can be hardball."

"presidents can be hardball."

"people can be hardball."

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