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Chiefly Psychology and Linguistics. Tactile and kinaesthetic sensation; touch, especially as a means of nonverbal communication; the study of this.
    Technology that provides a user interface based on the stimulation of the senses of touch and movement (kinaesthesia); the branch of science or engineering concerned with such technology.

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      1. the branch of psychology that investigates sensory data and sensation derived from the sense of touch and localized on the skin.

      2. Digital Technology. the study or use of tactile sensations and the sense of touch as a method of interacting with computers and electronic devices: Haptics allows you to feel and manipulate digitized objects in a virtual 3D environment.

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      "technologies can be haptics."


      Mid 18th century. From post-classical Latin haptice from ancient Greek ἁπτικός + post-classical Latin -e, suffix forming feminine nouns: see -ic.