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Take place; occur.
  1. 'the accident happened at 7.40 a.m'
  2. 'He had been working in the Murphy Transport-operated compound at the docks when the accident happened.'
  3. 'Rather in keeping with the tenor of the match, one of the most significant developments happened by accident.'
  4. 'He had been contracted by Hood Yacht Spars to transport their masts when the accident had happened.'
  5. 'So in this bill the Minister of Transport is to be held directly responsible when accidents happen.'
  6. 'Sometimes an accident may occur in circumstances in which accidents do not normally happen unless there has been negligence by someone.'
  7. 'If anyone in the ministry is reading this and can do something about it, please do before a major accident happens.'
  8. 'In the world of chime, accidents happen and the results are stunning.'
  9. '‘We believe what happened must be an accident because he had so much to live for,’ she said.'
  10. 'The accident happened at the Namuang falls on the island of Koh Samui.'
  11. 'It is not clear how the accident happened, and police are interviewing all the teaching staff present as part of their inquiry.'
  12. 'His exhibition, Senseless, depicts the effects of what happens when people are deprived of the five senses.'
  13. 'Catastrophic things can happen from accidents during transportation and handling.'
  14. 'They say on the Row that no one is there by accident, and nothing happens without a reason.'
  15. 'It's almost like this dominoes effect that starts happening once the administration decides it's going to do this.'
  16. 'He said neither of the stars wished to be seen by their public behaving in an unrestrained manner, which is what happens at events such as weddings.'
  17. 'Collaborative efforts to aid the development of new policies that reduce the chance of an accident happening again are needed.'
  18. 'It's more what happens at events like county fairs, where you line up buttons for both parties and see what sells.'
  19. 'Accidents that have been happening as a result of the failed traffic lights should be blamed on the council.'
  20. 'The authorities must move now before some drastic fire or accident happens.'
  21. 'This conversation mostly focused around what happens in the event of a verdict.'
  22. 'There is a whole sequence of events that happens when those pilots take that landing gear handle and retract the landing gear.'
  23. 'we just happened to meet Paul'
  24. 'I happen to be a swede myself!!'
  25. 'I did happen to see this episode.'
  26. 'I happen to be very good at what I do and I do work unpaid overtime or weekends, both when it's needed or when I just need to pretend that I'm a hard worker.'
  27. 'He was always accusing someone of doing something and it just so happened that he did that the most with her.'
  28. 'Fortuitously, it happened that I was looking in to the valley with the airport in it.'
  29. 'It happened that the author was also given some leeway with respect to the creative details.'
  30. 'It just so happened that the training camp for the world junior team was in Toronto, my hometown.'
  31. 'It just so happened that elocution lessons were scheduled for the two older girls for an hour that day.'
  32. 'Both are moving away, and it happened that both of them had the same last day.'
  33. 'It just so happened that shortly thereafter lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground.'
  34. 'It just so happened that that coincided with the beginning of the Jazz Fest and our new series there.'
  35. 'It happened that the New York Times reviewer liked the book and gave it a good review, so it opened up a lot of fronts.'
  36. 'It happened that the aiming points of the top two targets I was using were just over seven inches apart.'
  37. 'I happened on a street with a few modest restaurants'
  38. 'In Muscat's world, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.'
  39. 'And the chances of that happening on the Down Under tour have narrowed due to England's injury crisis.'
  40. 'If he goes to sleep often enough in his hotel room, there is less chance of it happening on the pitch.'
  41. 'For me, what happens on the pitch is only half the allure of Cricket.'
  42. 'There is far more to life than what happens on a pitch, on a track or in the arena.'
  43. 'But training in those countries usually happens on the track, enabling horses to practise with the real thing.'
  44. 'The happiness we get in exchange for virtue could happen on the spot or in the future.'
  45. 'That kind of accident can happen on a smaller race track too.'
  46. 'This change seeks to treat bowling actions quite separately from everything else that happens on the field of play.'
  47. 'Well, we've said all along that the only poll that counts is the one that happens on Election Day.'
  48. 'Did anyone happen to see the alternate ending that is floating around the internet?'
  49. 'Did his boss happen to ask "Do I look like a moron to you?"'
  50. 'By the way, did you happen to ask the Canadians what they thought of their country's health care system?'
Be experienced by (someone); befall.
  1. 'What is there to stop the same thing happening to the Bulls should they experience a downturn in fortunes?'
  2. 'This is exactly the sort of thing that always happens to me though, so I shouldn't be surprised.'
  3. 'You feel like you are the only one it is happening to, even if thousands of sportsmen experience the same thing each year.'
  4. 'Has anyone else had anything like any of these experiences happen to them before?'
  5. 'Did he not pass on his apprehensions over what was happening to a senior figure in the party at the time?'
  6. 'What will happen to the money put aside for a possible fire strike if this is averted?'
  7. 'Was he trying to pay back his debt, or was he really worried over what would happen to me?'
  8. 'The banks are due to meet again at the end of February to take a final decision over what should happen to charges.'
  9. 'Now the average man on the street is not going to get worked up over what happens to hedge funds.'
  10. 'I called the help desk last week for the first time to find out what is happening to my claim and to my surprise I got through to a lady first time.'
  11. 'I don't care what happens to the money'


Perhaps; maybe.

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    1. to take place; come to pass; occur: Something interesting is always happening in New York.

    2. to come to pass by chance; occur without apparent reason or design: Don't ask me what caused it—it just happened, that's all.

    3. to have the fortune or lot (to do or be as specified); chance: I happened to see him on the street.

    4. to befall, as to a person or thing: Something dreadful has happened to me.

    5. to meet or discover by chance (usually followed b

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    "people can be happen to growths."

    "people can be happen to employments."

    "sales can be happen after dates."

    "sales can be happen after datas."

    "pressures can be happen in matters."

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    Late Middle English (superseding the verb hap): from the noun hap + -en.


    as it happens