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Relating to the royal house of Hanover.
  1. 'It was a patriotic project, with the names of the streets and the squares chosen to celebrate the Union and the Hanoverian monarchy, as well as the culture of Scotland.'
  2. 'And while living on ‘bier’ is a good idea in theory, I'm not quite ready to join the legion of Hanoverian bums just yet.'
  3. 'In his bonnet the champion sports a cockade not of Jacobite white or Hanoverian black.'
  4. 'One explanation for this apparent contradiction is that Hanoverian company promoters either had bad lawyers, did not listen to their lawyers, or hoped they would not find themselves in court very often.'
  5. 'The Georgian architecture is as sober and coldly rational as the Celtic art of the Book of Kells is spontaneous and humorous: an authentic expression of Hanoverian Protestantism at its most severe and least sympathetic.'
  6. 'With these words Samuel Johnson summarized a view of the law which would have been readily understandable to many Hanoverian Englishmen and women.'
  7. 'There were always undercurrents: rumours about the Earl's close male friendships, or hints that this leading Hanoverian Whig might hide Jacobite sympathies.'
  8. 'The book offers an excellent and fundamentally sympathetic introduction to Hanoverian Anglicanism.'
  9. 'Her branch of the Hanoverian royal house only took over when the last Stuart monarch, Anne, died childless in 1714 and they had to bypass 70-odd better claimants because they were Catholic.'
  10. 'Rev Dr Ian Bradley will speak on the spiritual roots of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon kingship, while Jeremy Black will discuss the Hanoverian monarchy in the context of the European ancien regime.'


Any of the British sovereigns from George I to Victoria.
  1. 'But the Hanoverians get their claim to the throne via the Stuarts, and they get their claim via the Tudors.'
  2. 'They backed the Union and the Hanoverians because they knew the Union would guarantee their church,’ he says.'
  3. 'A moving force here had been the MP for East Lothian, Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, an eloquent, choleric philosopher whose own vote would have gone for a federal Britain under the Hanoverians.'
  4. 'The colonial militias were transplants from England, modeled on the home defense forces successively raised and reformed under the Tudors, the Stuarts, and the Hanoverians.'
  5. 'The Harleys, who once enjoyed political favor and high office under the Stuarts but were marginalized by the Hanoverians during Sir Robert Walpole's regime, were the most archivally minded of English peers.'
  6. 'The history of the Hanoverians and Windsors in relation to Scotland is mixed at best.'
  7. 'His brother Cardinal Henry later effectively recognised the Hanoverians, although theoretically he maintained his own claim to the throne.'
  8. 'The Stuarts brought us lives of shame; the Hanoverians wars;'
  9. 'Though it was little used under the later Stuarts and Hanoverians, it was restored by George IV, Victoria, and George V, and is now used frequently.'
  10. 'Legend has it that it has not been inhabited since 1715, when the Macdonalds of Clanranald, fleeing the Hanoverians, torched the stronghold to stop it falling into their enemies' hands.'
A medium-built horse of a German breed, developed for use both as a riding horse and in harness.
  1. 'The bay Hanoverian continued to rise to the occasion, putting in a smooth performance to his Spanish themed music called ‘Peruvian Prince.’'
  2. 'The Germans preferred solid Hanoverians and Trakheners, and one German officer commented on the ‘cat-like Arab mounts’ ridden by French hussars.'


1. of or relating to the former ruling house of Hanover. noun

2. a supporter of the house of Hanover.

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