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The practice of hanging condemned people as a form of capital punishment.
  1. as modifier 'it was a hanging offence to forge or frank falsely'
  2. 'Nowadays the only types of execution include gassing, the electric chair, lethal injection, firing squad and hanging.'
  3. 'Baking in the oven or soaking them in vinegar was morally dubious if not outright cheating, but those who soaked first and then baked, well, quite honestly, hanging was too good for them!'
  4. 'Of course terrible crimes must be met with punishment including long custodial sentences but bringing back hanging is not the right policy in this day and age.'
  5. 'And there, death does not mean hanging: it could be a public stoning or a beheading in the town square.'
  6. 'Should Bermuda bring back hanging (or any other form of capital punishment)?'
  7. 'There were men among them who would receive more punishment for their infractions than just the standard, relatively painless hanging.'
  8. 'And it was a really appalling hanging, in the respect that the minister kept them on the scaffold waiting for 25 minutes as he gave a sermon.'
  9. 'Trumped-up charges of conspiracy to overthrow the queen, and an unjustly conducted prosecution, brought conviction of treason and hanging at Tyburn.'
  10. 'Punishments such as whipping, hanging and transportation were imposed after trials that lasted less than half an hour.'
A decorative piece of fabric or curtain hung on the wall of a room or around a bed.
  1. 'Alcoves and portions of walls are delineated with pleated fabric hangings.'
  2. 'Lift all curtains and hangings on to a windowsill or chair before any floor polishing is started.'
  3. 'On the walls are cloth hangings each with a single quote from a philosopher or other writer.'
  4. 'Carpeted in a rich red and filled with carved furniture, the sapphire blue hangings, walls and cushions looked out of place.'
  5. 'The whole area was richly decorated in gold and silver, with red velvet hangings and curtains.'
  6. 'To make these breezy bed hangings, select a lightweight fabric that has no right or wrong side and is at least as wide as the bed.'
  7. 'Blood red hangings adorned the walls, rich gold embroidery adorning it.'
  8. 'Originally used as lap rugs for warmth on boats or sleighs, ryijy rugs eventually evolved into decorative hangings.'
  9. 'The walls carry hangings with colourful forms of Ganesh.'
  10. 'Throughout the country, floors and walls are lined with carpets and fabric hangings.'


Suspended in the air.
  1. 'Every now and then they would fire a pair of missiles which would explode and send a plume of darker smoke above the white haze of gunsmoke already hanging above the camp.'
  2. 'It's a foggy morning - fog, or another kind of hanging moisture.'
  3. 'The first thing one sees when approaching the dance studio is a hanging apple, suspended in mid-air.'
  4. 'The storm had cleared as if it never were, the silver disk on high hanging like a puppet without strings in the twilight sky.'
  5. 'A woman, impossibly beautiful, hanging twenty stories in the air, calmly brushes her teeth in close-up on a video screen.'
  6. 'Instead he imagines that the web was suspended close alongside a hanging glob of sap.'
  7. 'hanging gardens'
  8. 'The mosque has a unique architectural design showing a hanging mosque standing on a series of shops.'
  9. 'I listened intently, taking mental notes on their descriptions of the seracs, the crevasses, the hanging glaciers.'
  10. 'He had considered a hanging chain of several linked pendulums, all suspended from one another, and discovered various different modes of oscillation.'
  11. 'The typical Ruby-crowned Kinglet nest is deep and is suspended from two hanging twigs.'
  12. 'Also, the kitchen now has a few hanging green glass lanterns that will shatter over the cat food stations when the hooks end up falling out like they always do.'
  13. 'After completing his degree in Computing, he returned to Melbourne with his own highly individual collection of hanging art.'
  14. 'The western bay of the vault, built in 1362, carries a hanging boss suspended by eight dramatic flying ribs.'
  15. 'But they have an undeniable gentleness and elephantine beauty about them, with their hanging folds of skin and ponderous outlook on life.'
  16. 'Artistic hanging lamps and garden lights were also displayed.'
  17. 'Inside the barbers a man reads the Hurriyet while he waits and the caged parrot looks at himself in the hanging mirror - the parrot used to have a mate and he used to have a beautiful long red tail plumage.'


1. the act, an instance, or the form of capital punishment carried out by suspending one by the neck from a gallows, gibbet, or the like, until dead.

2. Often, hangings. something that hangs or is hung on the walls of a room, as a drapery or tapestry.

3. a suspending or temporary attaching, as of a painting: a careless hanging of pictures. adjective

4. punishable by, deserving, or causing death by hanging: a hanging crime; a hanging offense.

5. inclined to inflict death by hanging

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"issues can be hanging over industries."

"uncertainties can be hanging over markets."

"problems can be hanging over places."

"problems can be hanging for years."

"places can be hanging over mantles."

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