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Suspend or be suspended from above with the lower part dangling free.
  1. no object 'he stood swaying, his arms hanging limply by his sides'
  2. 'I clambered out onto the tree limb below my dorm window and hanging from the lowest branch dropped to the ground.'
  3. 'The lanterns hang from trees like giant pods.'
  4. 'Many restaurants have smoking and non-smoking areas separated only with a sign hanging from the ceiling.'
  5. 'From the side, you can check for the correct posture: spine straight but tilted, arms hanging freely and knees slightly flexed.'
  6. 'There is a massive tree in front of the house and an old tyre swing hangs from its ancient arms.'
  7. 'A lantern hung from the pointed roof, and light could be seen from the cracks between the wood boards.'
  8. 'Different colored paper lanterns hung overhead, not really doing much to light up the place but looking very pretty all the same.'
  9. 'Let your arms hang naturally and freely, and you'll be fine.'
  10. 'During these first few minutes of the dance, he had been letting his arms hang limply at his sides.'
  11. 'I let out a sigh and followed her up, my arms hanging limply at my sides.'
  12. no object 'the room in which the pictures will hang'
  13. 'It is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and lounge, where framed posters of his books hang proudly on the walls.'
  14. 'Tammy and Greg's wedding picture was framed and hung perfectly on the wall.'
  15. 'The halls had a slight musty odor and there were spots where pictures used to hang from the walls.'
  16. 'She sighed as she stole a single glance at the picture hanging from the wall.'
  17. 'The resulting painting still hangs on the living room wall.'
  18. 'Inside, the bar features a riot of décor: A stuffed swordfish hangs from the wall.'
  19. 'His photo hangs from a wall of the room where Neesha, her husband and their two children eat and sleep.'
  20. 'Inside, dried hops and brasses hang from the rural-themed walls and a central bar acts serves both the games room and main lounge.'
  21. 'They looked at everything from the pictures hung neatly on the wall, to the conditions of the easy chairs and beds.'
  22. 'But her mother is so proud of what her daughter has done that the calendar will be hanging from her wall next year, and Ellie's grandmother has also ordered a copy.'
  23. 'The front hall was hung with magnificent tapestries.'
  24. 'The floor, ceiling and walls were made entirely out of stone but the walls were hung with beautiful tapestries and the floor was covered with a thick green rug.'
  25. 'The place is neat and tidy, with tiled tables near the front windows, more tables in a sunken seating area at the back, and walls hung with paintings by local artists.'
  26. 'The walls were hung with tapestries from earlier centuries.'
  27. 'The Grand Vestibule is hung with suits of armour and displays of old weaponry.'
  28. 'This is a world that, despite its cheap furniture, dingy apartments and grubby walls hung with fading pictures, is still full of desires and ideals.'
  29. 'The walls were hung with ancient tapestries and portraits, some of which she could identify as Old Masters.'
  30. 'Stateley and bright, the entire hall was hung with banners, and in the right-hand corner of the room musicians played on hand-drum, pipe and lute, creating an atmosphere both festive and patriotic.'
  31. 'Rich scarlet carpets covered the floor, and the high stone walls were hung with gorgeous tapestries embroidered with gold thread on satin and silk of every colour in the spectrum.'
  32. 'His walls were hung with pictures of himself.'
  33. with object 'a long time was spent hanging a couple of doors'
  34. 'Hanging a door correctly is one of the most satisfying jobs in the home improvement world, but it's often the most challenging.'
  35. 'He noticed that the pendulums of the two suspended clocks, hanging side by side from a common support, were swinging together.'
  36. 'Learning how to hang a window is a project that depends on a number of factors, including whether or not the window is to be installed in new construction or an existing wall.'
  37. 'venison needs to be hung for a minimum of seven days'
  38. 'All the beef is locally sourced and hung in a cold house on site for up to six weeks before being butchered.'
  39. 'It seemed like the normal hooks that would have been used by the butcher to hang meat had been modified or replaced with massive fish hooks.'
  40. 'Anyone who can tell you how long to hang game, or any meat, unless you are using a butcher's chiller, is either a liar or a prophet.'
  41. 'There is game and meat to hang, lemon tarts to be made.'
  42. 'You could see where the old range had been and the rings from which the hunks of meat would have been hung.'
  43. 'The meat still needs to be properly hung to improve texture and flavour, but it doesn't require marinades and all manner of tricks to make it edible.'
  44. 'Red meat is hung for at least 28 days, making for a memorable steak.'
  45. 'We are one of the few farm shops that source our meat locally, hang it in our own cold room and butcher it on site to customers' requirements.'
  46. 'Their Aberdeen Angus feed on rich grass and organic hay, and the meat is hung for a minimum of 14 days to ensure optimum taste.'
  47. 'The dress hung loosely on me, except the bodice, which was very tight.'
  48. 'Lining makes the vest hang better over your other clothes and also makes it easier to slip on and off.'
  49. 'As you can see from the photos the suede skirt hangs softly almost in pleats, and the wool version shows the godet detail quite well.'
  50. 'A black, grungy trench coat hung loosely over his lanky frame, and his face was hidden in the darkness under a fedora hat.'
  51. 'The soft fabric hung perfectly from Penelope's curves and the bright white complemented her dark skin.'
  52. 'A tailored jacket hung elegantly from his broad shoulders, giving him a debonair look.'
  53. 'A dark leather jacket hung loosely off a pair of wide shoulders.'
  54. 'Nighy looks older than his years, with a tall, angular frame on which a dark blue suit hangs loosely as if on a clothes horse.'
  55. 'She made a rather scrawny boy and Bryson's garments hung loosely on her form, but she would pass.'
  56. 'He nodded and leaned against the counter, his gray shirt hung loosely on his muscular frame.'
  57. 'if you're using lining paper, hang it horizontally'
  58. 'It is best to seal the concrete with a waterproof sealer before applying a wallcovering primer and hanging the wallcovering.'
  59. 'Members of this association must be craftsmen and women who hang paper for a living.'
  60. 'Most residential wallcoverings are now hung by consumers such as you.'
  61. 'You need to be able to hang your wallpaper plumb, even if the corners are not.'
  62. 'Today's Ruby left me pondering just how many people does it take to hang one piece of wallpaper?'
  63. 'Of course, next comes the attempt to hang lining paper before we repaint.'
  64. 'A common, and drastic, mistake in hanging wallpaper is to hang it out of plumb.'
  65. 'If the wallpaper to be hung has a pattern, find out what type of pattern match it has.'
  66. 'This means that users can paste the wall rather than the paper, and hang the wallpaper dry from the roll.'
  67. 'If you feel there will be no strikethrough or bleeding issues, hang your new paper.'
Kill (someone) by tying a rope attached from above around their neck and removing the support from beneath them (often used as a form of capital punishment)
  1. 'she hanged herself in her cell'
  2. 'Students were publicly hanged every year following 1978, while exiled opponents were assassinated.'
  3. 'The most the state can do to you is lock you away for the rest of your life, or hang you by the neck until you are dead.'
  4. 'Although it does seem like a dim and distant memory now, I still remember people being hanged in Britain during my lifetime.'
  5. 'The kidnappers drove to an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of the city where they tied a rope around the neck of their captive and hanged him from a locust tree.'
  6. 'India's last execution was in 1995, when an auto-rickshaw driver convicted in the serial murders of prostitutes was hanged.'
  7. 'In 1903, he was hanged for the murder of a rancher's 15-year-old son, a crime he most likely did not commit.'
  8. 'The revelations silenced most supporters and he was hanged in Pentonville prison on 3 August 1916 with scarcely a murmur of protest.'
  9. 'Three innocent people were hanged for their alleged part in his murder.'
  10. 'In August, he was hanged on Gallows Hill, one of 19 people executed for witchcraft.'
  11. 'The government revealed recently, only in reply to a question in parliament, that 340 people were hanged between 1991 and 2000.'
  12. 'The independent senator had also not supported the death penalty when the two men were initially sentenced to hang for the crime.'
  13. 'In 1945, he was sentenced to hang for treason.'
  14. 'He was yesterday sentenced to hang for the 2001 murder of his wife and young son.'
  15. 'He was sentenced to hang for the murder of his step son.'
  16. 'He was sentenced to hang but cheated the gallows.'
  17. 'There was one man a while back who had murdered and raped a nine year old girl who seemed certain to hang, but a mob invaded his prison and killed him themselves.'
  18. 'He became the last man sentenced to hang by Bedford Assizes and was executed in the town's prison on April 4, 1962.'
  19. 'Wilkes had stabbed Christie while resisting arrest, for which he was indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced to hang.'
  20. 'She was tried, and sentenced to hang for treasonous crimes.'
  21. with object 'I'm hanged if I know'
  22. 'So I let the world go hang today, I shall go to my bed good and early, and look forward with reasonable certainty to a better day tomorrow.'
  23. 'I’m hanged if I know what to say when I get there.'
  24. 'Let the whingers go hang - I still fancy seeing the Dome for myself.'
Remain static in the air.
  1. 'I watched her drag on her cigarette, the smoke hanging between us.'
  2. 'A dense fug of tobacco smoke hangs over them as they furiously puff away.'
  3. 'She gazed down the steep face at the mist which still hung imposingly below them.'
  4. 'Even with the cooler weather and some rain, acrid smoke still hangs over the most ravaged areas.'
  5. 'Real smoke hangs over the audience, clouding our vision and our senses.'
  6. 'A massive plume of smoke was hanging over the city, but the precise location or cause of the blast was not immediately known.'
  7. 'A cloud of acrid smoke is hanging over the city and on the roads all the shops are closed for fear of rioting.'
  8. 'The cigarette smoke hung like a thick bluish white haze throughout the room.'
  9. 'Smoke hung thickly all around, like a dense fog, only more suffocating.'
  10. 'Large, puffy clouds hung in the air and seagulls flew around in the pale blue sky.'
  11. 'a sense of dread hung over him for days'
  12. 'Management met with unions last week to discuss the job cuts, with the threat of strike action hanging over the bank if it insists on compulsory redundancies.'
  13. 'He said: ‘I can't really remember working in the pit without the threat of redundancy hanging over me.’'
  14. 'I am writing to alert your readers to the threat which still hangs over the Kew Bridge area.'
  15. 'It's a big, real threat hanging over their heads.'
  16. 'With a shadow of imminent disaster hanging over their homeland, they now appear to be the lucky ones.'
  17. 'And here the threat of war still hangs very, very heavy in the air.'
  18. 'But governors are pleading for a breathing space to try to build up numbers, which they fear will not happen with the threat of closure hanging over the school.'
  19. 'Despite the threat of closure hanging over the unit for the past 18 months, the number of births and pregnant women using the unit has increased.'
  20. 'The threat of closure hangs over Cavendish Square Post Office, which has issued a ‘use it or lose it’ ultimatum to its customers.'
  21. 'Last night's episode hung oppressively in the air between them.'
Come or cause to come unexpectedly to a state in which no further operations can be carried out.
  1. with object 'it kept hanging my computer'
  2. 'Click on help, a browser window opens, click on connect to Ethernet, and it hangs forever.'
  3. 'If the installation hangs, you have to either delete the installed folder or reboot.'
Spend time relaxing or enjoying oneself.
  1. 'we'll be walking along just hanging, chilling'
  2. 'So you gonna come hang at my house tonight?'
  3. 'Make sure you only hang with friends who will do the same for you!'
  4. 'Well I'm Faye; do you wanna come hang with us?'
  5. 'A slew of Harley's were parked outside, a couple bikers hanging outside the open door to the saloon.'
  6. 'I was going to go talk to him and just hang with him and sort of soak in some of his wisdom.'
  7. 'So now instead of interviews and hanging with the celebrities they're hanging with the jailbirds in prison.'
  8. 'The next time you and your friends decide to hit the mall, tell her you want to just hang with them.'
  9. 'On the other hand, it's a beautiful day out and would you like to go hang at Starbucks?'
Deliver (a pitch) which does not change direction and is easily hit by a batter.
  1. 'This season Wells has been reluctant to throw over the inner half of the plate, and his tendency to hang pitches has been costly.'
  2. 'There is no question that his pitches must further improve, because my guess is the right-hander has the tendency to hang his curveball.'
  3. 'His looping, often tardy swing makes solid contact against little other than hanging off-speed pitches.'


A downward droop or bend.
  1. 'It was in his walk, the sling of his shoulders, the hang of his face.'
  2. 'To all appearances he is an alpha-male professional in a bespoke suit, but the hang of his shoulders speaks of a disappointed man.'
  3. 'The bigger muscles just ruin the hang of my jackets.'
  4. 'The holster is mounted to the cartridge belt by a military-style wire hanger and has a swivel feature to ease the hang of the holster while mounted.'
  5. 'The hang of the dress is breathtaking.'
  6. 'critics are apt to use up as much space reviewing the hang as the art'
  7. 'But the hang is also otherwise inspired, using the chance to show such a diversity of pieces to ingenious advantage.'
  8. 'Like the tapestries, and furniture, the picture hang was predominantly antique.'
  9. 'This being Glover's strength, I was a little disappointed that the hang of the exhibition didn't have the ambition to focus this strength.'
  10. 'A new hang brings Rossetti's Proserpine out on display'
  11. 'Incorporated into the existing hang, these provide revealing counterpoints to familiar faces in our national collection.'
  12. 'In that time it has shown what seems like everyone, many of whom contributed works to the crammed-in salon-style hang.'


Used to express a range of strong emotions from enthusiasm to anger.
  1. 'I know it's wrong, but hang, I feel compelled to get my $0.02 in!'
  2. 'Membership will cost something like $200, but who the hang will be able to afford to pay that?'

More definitions

1. to fasten or attach (a thing) so that it is supported only from above or at a point near its own top; suspend.

2. to attach or suspend so as to allow free movement: to hang a pendulum.

3. to place in position or fasten so as to allow easy or ready movement.

4. to put to death by suspending by the neck from a gallows, gibbet, yardarm, or the like.

5. to suspend (oneself) by the neck until dead: He hanged himself

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be hanged by tongues."

"people can be hanged in places."

"people can be hanged for offences."

"leaders can be hanged at homes."

"trials can be hanged in cells."

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