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Having a dejected or guilty appearance; shamefaced.
  1. 'While it's admittedly now associated with all sorts of marvelous memories and history, it's also taken on the hangdog vibe of the perpetually neglected and unloved.'
  2. 'And besides, in the majority of scenes you can plainly see that many a bystander are crying with laughter at the sight of Bill Murray's hangdog expression, thus indicating that the amused bafflement is mutual.'
  3. 'The air of defeat clings to this hangdog bear from the get-go.'
  4. 'In a voiceover, he remarks that it's not death he fears but a futile life, but, from his hangdog expression and recklessness toward his health, it's clear that he's already given into that feeling of futility.'
  5. 'It wasn't long before Paul shuffled up to me, hangdog.'
  6. 'He's stocky with an expression so hangdog it makes Droopy look like he's had Botox; he also has a weird brushed - up hairline that gives the impression that a wee guy with spiky hair is standing directly behind him.'
  7. 'So when Zhu appeared on Japanese TV recently, with a hangdog look, speaking of his difficulties, questions surfaced as to whether the reform czar was in trouble again.'
  8. 'Not realizing that calm and logic are anathema to the Hysterical Female, the Wronged Male, by his very hangdog air, serves only to lure the Hysterical Female into a near frenzy in her thwarted attempts for a screaming argument.'
  9. 'McAvoy is sitting in the Soho Hotel sipping lime and soda and apologising for his hangdog appearance.'
  10. 'The room was full of Iranians: the women in pretty and expensive shawls, with hard, glossy hair and carmine manicures; the men in expensive slip-on shoes, time-choking gold watches and hangdog eyes.'


1. browbeaten; defeated; intimidated; abject: He always went about with a hangdog look.

2. shamefaced; guilty: He sneaked out of the room with a hangdog expression.

3. suitable to a degraded or contemptible person; sneaky; furtive. noun

4. Archaic. a degraded, contemptible person.

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