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Convenient to handle or use; useful.
  1. 'the brush is handy for vacuuming stubborn dust and dirt'
  2. 'This was especially true of those nifty seniors who were loud in their praises of this handy bus service.'
  3. 'It was convenient, it was handy, it had a wonderful index that allowed you to look things up very quickly.'
  4. 'There are situations in which a wireless desktop is handy.'
  5. 'Our modern metric units, like the gram or the centimetre, originate from their handy description of everyday quantities.'
  6. 'Durable and convenient, this handy reference functions as nicely in an open field with a flashlight as it does spread out on a desk.'
  7. 'A Local post office is a vital cornerstone to everyday life, a familiar, handy and extremely useful service.'
  8. 'In a field kit, I have a handy Hoppe's screwdriver handle which stores up to 15 bits.'
  9. 'This handy and useful volume, Authors, Texts, Issues, is meant to fill the void by supplying such material.'
  10. 'The Story of Film can be read as a continuous narrative, but will be equally useful as a handy reference to dip into.'
  11. 'And it comes with this handy song learning function.'
Ready to hand.
  1. 'They were the usual Kiwi baches, built from whatever was handy, oddly practical, sometimes quaint.'
  2. 'In spite of Mrs Major locking all the doors, back and front and closing all the handy windows… they got in.'
  3. 'Cutaways are useful to shoot when on location as they can be used as handy band-aids in editing.'
  4. 'I assume that there were a couple of Secret Service agents handy, but he didn't seem all that well defended.'
  5. 'She also has a handy habit of winning close matches.'
  6. 'Some cases may be sales closers, but there are handy profits available in a gun case display.'
  7. 'A friend of mine used to live in Basildon and having visited him several times there I can only say that there were times that I wished I had a Javelin handy.'
  8. 'For those without handy access to cameras and/or scanners, do your best.'
  9. 'The logic is that they would also welcome the handy access to a healthy beverage at the same time.'
  10. 'Nobody is going to forget this is an inner-city development, but it is central and handy for the Heathrow Express.'
  11. 'It sounds like a handy location, but there's a drawback.'
  12. 'As for horseracing, Clonmel, Thurles, Gowran Park and Cork racecourses are all within a handy drive.'
  13. 'You can even try placing Bibles in handy locations around your home as reminders to feed your spirit every day.'
  14. 'We are handy as a regional centre and we don't have tunnel vision.'
  15. 'The council wanted a handy city centre venue where younger mums could share a coffee and discuss matters with other people facing similar challenges.'
  16. 'This is only part one, so have your bookmark handy.'
  17. 'Handforth converted his own try from a handy position to close the gap to 12-6.'
  18. 'Its handy location is only walking distance from the town center, beach and all amenities.'
  19. 'To have such a handy parking spot so close to Croke Park has been a real blessing down through the years.'
  20. 'It is centrally located and equally handy for the museum.'
  1. 'And, a jig saw or coping saw is just about the only tool you'll need, so don't fret if you are not particularly handy with a hammer and saw.'
  2. 'But, if the girl in my life doesn't like to cook, I have been single for 23 years and have learned to be quite handy with a skillet.'
  3. 'The incident appears to have done nothing to dent Labour's poll lead, and may even have been a plus in Labour's heartland areas where being handy with your fists is nothing to be ashamed of.'
  4. 'And if you're handy with phone wiring, it could be your big weekend.'
  5. 'Henry Arnold and Ira Eaker were handy with the pen.'
  6. 'Off-screen, Davis also turns out to be handy with weaponry.'
  7. 'The fast bowler, who is also handy with the bat, was the only youngster from the area to be picked for the county team following trials last month.'
  8. 'So if you're not too handy with a hoe, they'll keep on springing up just when you least expect it.'
  9. 'I was good at that bit, being handy with words and all.'
  10. 'If you're handy with a chainsaw you can simply carve a seat with a back support straight out of a large tree trunk.'


(in Europe) a mobile phone.


    1. within easy reach; conveniently available; accessible: The aspirins are handy.

    2. convenient or useful: A typewriter is a handy thing to have in the house.

    3. skillful with the hands; deft; dexterous: a handy person.

    4. easily maneuvered: a handy ship.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "pistols can be handy in cases."

    "people can be handy at things."

    "brushes can be handy for things."

    "versions can be handy near keyholes."

    "troops can be handy for units."

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    come in handy