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Writing with a pen or pencil.
  1. 'Still saves a human having to struggle to read the scrawl that passes for handwriting today.'
  2. 'Checking that no one observed her, Raychel unfolded the paper and found scrawling handwriting covering it.'
  3. 'Detailed computer print outs eliminate the need to unravel blurred handwriting.'
  4. 'It had no label, only a sticker scrawled with illegible handwriting.'
  5. 'It was a photocopy of a letter written in curvy handwriting on lined paper.'
  6. 'Flourished, formal handwriting in black ink covered the page in uniform, letters.'
  7. 'The other is a tabular document which contains some specific handwriting and printed information.'
  8. 'Zoom in on the pages - read Leonardo's handwriting [handy mirror tool supplied].'
  9. 'We had Rogan copy the letter in his own handwriting and matched the outside carrier font to his writing.'
  10. 'It is from one of the Catalan's final faxes, when his handwriting was little more than a scrawl.'
  11. 'The hardest part was deciphering Jack's handwriting on the scribbled notes which told him which file was which.'
  12. 'She noticed some words scrawled in Dinah's handwriting at the top of her notes.'
  13. 'And the style of your handwriting at that point of time could bare your soul in the presence of others.'
  14. 'The pupils can write on the boards and see their handwriting turned into print and draw pictures on it, which can be transformed into a hard copy.'
  15. 'He sat up and found that he had been laying on a letter with familiar handwriting which spelled out his name.'
  16. 'It is claimed that the fresh crosses were made in the same handwriting and with the same blue pen.'
  17. 'You'd think that handwriting was easier to identify than typewriting.'
  18. 'Don't dwell on handwriting and spelling, but read what your child actually has to say.'

More definitions

1. writing done with a pen or pencil in the hand; script.

2. a style or manner of writing by hand, especially that which characterizes a particular person; penmanship: an eccentric handwriting.

3. a handwritten document; manuscript. Idioms

4. handwriting on the wall, a premonition, portent, or clear indication, especially of failure or disaster: The company had ignored the handwriting on the wall and was plunged into bankruptcy. Also, writing on the wall.

More examples(as adjective)

"studies can be handwriting."

"fathers can be handwriting."

"experts can be handwriting."