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In a smart and attractive manner or style; elegantly.
  1. 'The pair of flutes comes handsomely packaged inside a heavy white box embossed with silver lettering.'
  2. 'Waiting for them was their father, dressed handsomely in a tuxedo with tails.'
  3. 'The hosting couple was handsomely dressed in national costumes.'
  4. '"It is a beautiful place, and a fine house handsomely furnished with authentic 18th century furniture," Matilda wrote.'
  5. 'The Ballroom was not as grand as she had seen, but it was pleasant and handsomely decorated.'
  6. 'the book is handsomely produced'
  7. 'They had been very successful at a shop that specialized in handsomely made wooden toys.'
  8. 'The film is handsomely crafted despite its small budget.'
  9. 'He walked over to a handsomely carved bureau and opened a drawer.'
  10. 'The familiar handsomely carved mahogany writing desks were not in evidence.'
  11. 'This twelfth-century copy is handsomely illustrated.'
  12. 'overall this film adaptation succeeds handsomely'
  13. 'I thought we would go on to win handsomely, but all credit to the other team for the way they stuck to their game.'
  14. 'All the polls show that the mayor would win handsomely if he were to run.'
  15. 'Even if you lack an innately sympathetic personality, you can succeed handsomely if you are prepared to handle the most common human situations that you will encounter.'
  16. 'To have beaten the major party so handsomely is good going indeed.'
  17. 'His nearest rivals all beat the course handsomely.'
To a large or generous degree; substantially.
  1. 'They prospered handsomely through their knowledgeable consulting.'
  2. 'It is a handsomely proportioned two-story brick building with a stone basement.'
  3. 'People who shop around for the best deals get rewarded handsomely, while faithful customers get stitched up!'
  4. 'Sales of refreshments will attract customers to your bazaar and probably contribute handsomely to your fund-raising efforts.'
  5. 'As products hit the market and revenues pick up, that patience should be rewarded handsomely.'

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1. in a handsome manner; pleasingly; successfully.

More examples(as adjective)

"galleries can be handsomely."