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An act of shaking a person's hand with one's own as a greeting.
  1. 'Duncan and I make our way over to them, all the way doing the greetings, the handshakes with the guys and the kissy-kissy on the cheeks with the girls, that are actually a pretty nice French custom.'
  2. 'Instead he put on a big grin and put his hand out toward Mitch to signal for a handshake.'
  3. 'The customary greeting involves a firm handshake, direct eye contact, and perhaps a slight nod of the head but rarely embracing or kissing.'
  4. 'He set down one of his items on the floor and stretched his hand for a handshake and I shook his hand as firmly as I could with my free hand.'
  5. 'There were handshakes and greetings on every side and the lucky ones got teddy bears and red roses, to say nothing of rings and pendants.'
  6. 'After an exchange of handshakes, all nine sat down to begin the meeting.'
  7. 'The usual greeting is a handshake, although Roma men often embrace relatives and close friends and kiss them on the cheek.'
  8. 'Extended greetings and handshakes are very important in most Namibian cultures.'
  9. 'This greeting - be it a kiss, a handshake or, in Japan, a bow - has been a part of the Mass before the Mass was even called the Mass.'
  10. 'He received a few awed stares, many cheerful greetings and a hearty handshake from the leader of the family.'
  11. 'Storage virtualization has generally been associated with the handshake between computers and disk blocks.'
  12. 'For those cursed with dialup, you probably know what the modem handshake sounds like, with the hissing and screaming before it is connected.'
  13. 'In a normal TCP / IP connection, two devices need to complete a three-way handshake before initiating transmission.'
  14. 'A connection between a browser and a Web server is divided into two phases, the handshake and the data transfer.'
  15. 'SAS, on the other hand, provides a loose handshake and thus frames can be transferred in both directions simultaneously.'

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1. a gripping and shaking of right hands by two individuals, as to symbolize greeting, congratulation, agreement, or farewell.

2. Also, handshaking. Computers. an exchange of predetermined signals between a computer and a peripheral device or another computer, made when a connection is initially established or at intervals during data transmission, in order to assure proper synchronization.

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"weeks can be handshake."

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