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A mobile phone.
  1. 'Today, Nokia is the world leader in handsets, with 38% of the market.'
  2. 'My mobile phone has blue-tooth technology that enables me and my partner to compete against each other in games on our handsets.'
  3. 'Get another mobile connection for home, after all, handsets come so cheap these days …'
  4. 'Finally, once you have upgraded to a slinky new model, put your old handset to good use via a recycling scheme.'
  5. 'Vodafone is now more concerned about keeping customers than getting new ones, so it is prepared to spend money on subsidies for the new handsets.'
  6. 'And as the mobile phone market matures, there will be greater emphasis on existing customers buying replacement handsets.'
  7. 'The slowdown in the rate of sales growth of mobile handsets has created overcapacity within the industry.'
  8. 'Plans include a common way in which to top up pay-as-you-go handsets.'
  9. 'Handsets that are white-hot today will be stone-cold in six months.'
  10. 'Cell-phone penetration is staggering: More than 400 million handsets were sold last year.'
  11. 'This was achieved despite a reduction in subsidies for telephone handsets.'
  12. 'Most of the mobile phone viruses target handsets that use the Symbian operating system.'
  13. 'He argues that people will want to change or update their mobile phone handsets anyway.'
  14. 'By using a telephone handset, users will be guided through a simple procedure to access the information they require.'
  15. 'It is very easy to predict that we will have a lot of new cellular phone handsets with stylish designs.'
  16. 'The key to paying bills and redeeming coupons via mobile handsets is the use of camera phones to read special bar codes.'
  17. 'Not everyone can whisper and many habitually shout into telephone handsets.'
  18. 'The trauma of losing a mobile phone is usually not the handset but the phone numbers and saved text messages it contains.'
  19. 'Earlier this year the company announced it would stop making mobile phone handsets due to huge losses in its consumer products division.'
  20. 'The company has been developing chipsets for handsets and other terminal devices for a long time.'
  21. 'It's even offering a gamepad controller accessory that fits over the back of the handset and looks like an old Nintendo pad.'
  22. 'They are completely lost, with no water, no maps and certainly no cellphones or GPS handsets.'
  23. 'The company wants to increase the amount of money it earns making handsets and parts for other equipment manufacturers.'
  24. 'Now I'm familiar with three handsets in the Walkman family, and there are no big surprises here.'
  25. 'Compeq makes printed circuit boards that connect semiconductors and other parts in handsets.'
  26. 'The main bonus is having pushbuttons and display separate from the handset.'
  27. 'I saw him get back into the cruiser and pick up the handset to call in the record check.'
  28. 'If Microsoft controls the handset, it tightens its grip on all the other pieces.'
  29. 'The idea is to drive the integration of Wi-Fi into set-top boxes, ADSL and cable modems, wireless handsets and so on.'

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1. Also called French telephone. a telephone having a mouthpiece and earpiece mounted at opposite ends of a handle. verb (used with object), handset, handsetting.

2. to set (type) by hand. adjective

3. (of type) set by hand.

4. (of a publication) printed directly from type set by hand.

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"sales can be handset."