Adjective "handpicked" definition and examples

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Select carefully with a particular purpose in mind.
  1. 'The members of the court are hand-picked by Chief Justice William Rehnquist.'
  2. 'He was hand-picked for the job by transport secretary Stephen Byers.'
  3. 'John Negroponte, until recently Ambassador to UN in New York, has been hand-picked for the job.'
  4. 'He was recently hand-picked to co-ordinate the national response by Metropolitan police commissioner Sir John Stevens.'
  5. 'The selectors have hand-picked those who have the right mentality, such as Damien Martyn and Simon Katich, ahead of the natural blasters.'
  6. 'And it's not an auspicious debut for Cohn, who was hand-picked by old pal editor John Carroll.'
  7. 'An ensemble hand-picked by lead singer and songwriter, Davo, the members were chosen based on their work ethic.'
  8. 'The company boasts of a workforce of over 200 hand-picked translators and a number of senior marketing staff with over eight years in the industry.'
  9. 'Show host Mary Alice Haney hand-picked Childs last week from possible candidates working at the zoo.'
  10. 'She will spend a week relaxing in the Californian sunshine with a select team of stylists hand-picked from across the globe.'

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1. to pick by hand.

2. to select personally and with care: The boss handpicked his assistants.

More examples(as adjective)

"parties can be handpicked from ranks."

"mayors can be handpicked by presidents."

"successors can be handpicked."

"committees can be handpicked."

"legislatures can be handpicked."

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