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An act or instance of handing something over.
  1. 'Why was the information not communicated to me earlier and in fact left until after the handover and transfer of funds?'
  2. 'The High Court case centres on eight travel journals, including one account of the handover of Hong Kong to China.'
  3. 'The Conservative leader will probably hang on to his job but only long enough to allow a smooth handover to a younger politician.'
  4. 'A club statement said his departure from the board ‘will be effective at a mutually convenient future date when all the necessary handovers of responsibilities have been completed’.'
  5. 'Critics initially bemoaned bungled handovers from London and perceived parochialism.'
  6. 'He is one of the key negotiators of the parks handover and joint management.'
  7. 'Have you witnessed any major changes since the handover to China?'
  8. 'It would need an orderly handover of some of our responsibilities.'
  9. 'Meetings will be held with all the staff to inform them of the changes and ensure a smooth handover.'
  10. 'Mr Coutts-Wood recommended that both medical staff and paramedics should read report forms together during patient handovers and discuss any extra verbal information.'

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1. the act of relinquishing property, authority, etc.: a handover of occupied territory.

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"ceremonies can be handover."

"rules can be handover."

"celebrations can be handover."

"periods can be handover."

"treaties can be handover."

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