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A quantity of financial or other material aid given to a person or organization.
  1. 'Nor can East Timor expect to survive indefinitely on international handouts.'
  2. 'Since she came to the city Daphne has always worked and proudly declares she has never received any benefit payments or handouts.'
  3. 'This implies the continuation of a low wage economy and huge tax handouts to the multinationals.'
  4. 'Neither Kallie or Erik took handouts from their parents the first few years, they made their own money.'
  5. 'Labor delivered several generous tax handouts to the wealthy and corporate elite under Hawke and Keating.'
  6. 'Much of the funding will be poured straight into corporate coffers via bigger tax handouts and research subsidies.'
  7. 'The company used the same threat of closure to pressure governments for financial handouts.'
  8. 'Some of the people who blindly followed the incumbent leader preferred to keep him so that they could benefit from his handouts.'
  9. 'Businesses have systematically used concern with homeland security to win public subsidies and handouts.'
  10. 'Yet they live from handouts, financed by taxes on our hard-earned income.'
A piece of printed information provided free of charge, especially to accompany a lecture or advertise something.
  1. 'The poster had no printed handouts to go along with it, and was displayed for about three days.'
  2. 'Piano roll graphs of each phrase were printed for handouts to be used with the analysis.'
  3. 'A patient information handout accompanying Dr. Kligler's article helps explain these effects.'
  4. 'The reference materials and handouts in this manual can be used in a variety of ways.'
  5. 'The cost per child is €70 and each child will receive a handout of the material being covered and a Music for Minors folder to put their work into.'
  6. 'All of these new skills have been put to use at home producing professional looking handouts and display materials for work.'
  7. 'I hope this article may be used as a parent handout to help parents feel comfortable talking about weight issues.'
  8. 'The reference materials and handouts can be used in a variety of ways.'
  9. 'Next to the wall to Jen's left were tables filled with office materials and handouts.'
  10. 'A checklist for returning to work is provided in the patient information handout that accompanies this article.'

More definitions

1. a portion of food or the like given to a needy person, as a beggar.

2. press release.

3. any printed, typed, mimeographed, or photocopied copy of information, as a speech, policy statement, or fact sheet given to reporters, attendees at a meeting, or the like.

4. anything given away for nothing, as a free sample of a product by an advertiser.

More examples(as adjective)

"aids can be handouts to governments."

"aids can be handouts."