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Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.
  1. 'After arranging them on boards with handmade paper and acrylic paint, she seals them with layers of lacquer.'
  2. 'Every street has independent shoe shops with handmade Italian shoes at amazing prices.'
  3. 'As the first new born of 2004, Nisheka cashed in with a teddy bear, handmade quilt and clothes.'
  4. 'His mother sewed his clothes while he was young and knitted socks giving him a handmade pair for his birthday for many years.'
  5. 'The slipcover is also handmade and had to be folded and glued exactly.'
  6. 'Each of Anand's pieces is individually handcrafted using wood-free handmade paper.'
  7. 'Some of the attractive items on display at the Rajasthani counter include paintings on handmade paper.'
  8. 'One of the students gave Rani handmade jewellery while others gifted her handmade candles and a card signed by all.'
  9. 'The Coffin Cover combines a cardboard coffin interior with a removable traditional handmade wooden exterior.'
  10. 'You can buy dolls there from a range of beautiful handmade dolls, and designer dolls' clothes.'


1. made by hand, rather than by machine: the luxury of handmade shoes.

More examples(as adjective)

"tiles can be handmade by craftsmans."

"products can be handmade from formulae."

"people can be handmade in places."

"people can be handmade from silks."

"people can be handmade by coopers."

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