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Having a handle or handles, especially of a specified type or number.
  1. 'a two-handled cup'
  2. 'Using a stiff long-handled brush, scrub the stain with concentrated detergent suds.'
  3. 'He took a large-handled broom used by the porter.'
  4. 'You cannot place bone-handled silver knives in the dishwasher.'
  5. 'The coffee is made individually in small, long-handled pots.'
  6. 'The lady behind the counter used a double-handled cheese knife to slice samples off of wheels of their aged edam and gouda.'


1. fitted with or having a handle or handles, especially of a specified kind (often used in combination): a handled pot; a long-handled knife.

More examples(as adjective)

"sharings can be handled in/at/on ways."

"sharings can be handled to printers."

"sharings can be handled in muchs."

"savings can be handled in accounts."

"runs can be handled in/at/on tonnes."

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