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Feel or manipulate with the hands.
  1. 'people who handle food'
  2. 'If they are handling money an employer needs to know they can cope with the temptation.'
  3. 'The pages were a beige color from aging and the black cover surrounding it was very soft as though it was handled a great deal.'
  4. 'And since he was the last person who handled the prize money before sending it to the bank, the cufflinks must have snagged and dropped into the money.'
  5. 'The body itself can be handled and manipulated as though lacking in the capacity for self-propulsion.'
  6. 'And although after those four hours everything had been handled, carried and put down six times at least, the room was only marginally cleaner.'
  7. 'I even heard the supervisors talking about it.… we are committed to handling and processing chickens as humanely as possible.'
  8. 'Employees must wear gloves whenever they obtain, handle, or process patient specimens.'
  9. 'This includes handling weapons and in the higher ranks dealing with risk management and small aircraft operation.'
  10. 'While the meal does not have to be eaten in its entirety, the food itself should be handled and treated with respect, since it represents the finest that the hosts can provide.'
  11. 'She was carrying a Quran inside of it and to even handle a Quran, a Muslim has to be ‘clean’ or under ‘widhu’.'
  12. 'he was sent off in the 84th minute for handling the ball'
  13. 'Budinaukas was red carded in 25 minutes after handling the ball outside the penalty area.'
  14. 'He argues that because goalkeepers can handle the ball in the penalty area, they therefore should not be allowed to kick the ball outside of it.'
  15. 'Mellberg handles the ball and gets a yellow card for his troubles.'
Manage (a situation or problem)
  1. 'Mr. Baldassare said this attitude had been building for several years, starting with the state's energy crisis and the administration's handling of it.'
  2. 'Both local and international human rights groups have criticized the handling of his trials as unfair, with Amnesty International labeling Anwar a political prisoner.'
  3. 'If it had been handled this way the whole thing might never have pushed itself over the average Philip Adams listener's threshold of consciousness.'
  4. 'Radio Blogger has the transcripts of Hugh Hewitt's debates with two law professors about the adequacy of the federal courts' handling of the Terri Schiavo case.'
  5. 'Now, God willing, we are ready again to roll up our sleeves to handle the many difficult problems that have long awaited us.'
  6. 'It has spent millions of dollars on ads criticizing the administration's handling of a number of issues.'
  7. 'He is at his best when the situation is becoming difficult - he handles Matt's escalating desperation with ease.'
  8. '‘Ours is a very difficult job which has to be handled with sensitivity,’ he said.'
  9. 'The way that this bill has been handled and is being pushed through the House gives the strongest argument yet for privatising accident compensation.'
  10. 'Any known health risks to New Zealanders are handled by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and by the setting of food standards between New Zealand and Australia.'
  11. 'Let's talk about the way the White House is handling this.'
  12. 'But the Air Force didn't earn points for its handling of the problem - which apparently, they knew about years before the matter broke in the press.'
  13. 'What's important is how you handle this difficult and delicate task - not just for the people you let go, but for the people who remain.'
  14. 'Well, Lou, in the wake of the president's speech last night, Democrats have actually stepped up their criticism of the president and his handling of postwar Iraq.'
  15. 'He paid tribute to his officers, the Crown Prosecution Service and their barristers for the way they had handled a ‘very sensitive and difficult investigation’.'
  16. 'Construction will be completed by next September and Christies Commercial is handling the letting of the retail units.'
  17. 'Had he checked his facts, he would have been able to report that Wilkinson has been handling Pentagon PR for several years, at least since 2001 in Afghanistan.'
  18. 'As the name suggests, the housing bank deals in houses in a similar way to which banks handle money.'
  19. 'The mystery is compounded further by the fact Leigh football director Steve Grainey, who handles transfer deals, is on holiday in Spain this week and unavailable for comment.'
  20. 'Those operations have been handled at the insurer's Deerwood Park campus and its downtown Riverside Office Complex.'
  21. 'He is banned by the Law Society from handling money and carrying out property deals.'
  22. 'Jean-Michel Cousteau, president of the Ocean Futures Society, which is handling Keiko, joins us now to talk about that.'
  23. 'I hired a local furniture guy who handles all of the hiring and personnel issues in Baghdad, where I have about 15 local employees.'
  24. 'The administrative assistant to the president handled human resource functions.'
  25. '‘This is going to be a Canada-wide CD launch, and we're handling the Montreal one,’ says Kopra.'
  26. 'he admitted handling the stolen chequebook'
  27. 'The youngsters, all under 16, have received a caution for handling stolen goods and have been released.'
  28. 'He also admitted handling stolen goods in relation to a separate incident.'
  29. 'He has admitted handling stolen goods on May 25 last year.'
  30. 'He also admitted handling a coat stolen from Chelmsford Grammar School a few days later.'
  31. 'Both men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and handling stolen goods on the day of their trial.'
  32. 'In October 2002, she admitted handling stolen goods and was handed a three-month action plan, a bid to curb her criminal behaviour.'
  33. 'Three men and one woman were arrested for suspected crimes ranging from handling stolen goods to drug possession and owning the illegal weapon.'
  34. 'Once the course of the stealing is over a thief may be guilty of handling the goods he has stolen, for example, by helping a receiver of the goods to move them or dispose of them.'
  35. 'More than 50 per cent of arrests led to successful convictions for robbery, burglary, handling stolen goods and possessing or dealing in drugs.'
  36. 'The judge at Bolton Crown Court, heard how he had a string of convictions for burglary, shoplifting and handling stolen goods dating back 14 years.'
  37. 'She handles things with a great deal of grace - and is probably dressed like royalty to boot.'
  38. 'I asked him how his family was handling all of this.'
  39. 'You have to deal with it, handle it, cope with it.'
  40. 'There will be annual training programmes for children on personal safety and for staff on handling the issue.'
  41. 'Hard drugs inevitably become Georgie's coping device to handle these racial adjustments.'
  42. 'Throughout the broadcast of the game, the commentators kept praising McNabb for handling the Limbaugh controversy with so much class.'
  43. 'As you can see, I am handling this exceptionally well.'
  44. 'No heavy-handed security asking the crowd to push back, make way - everything was handled with awesome expertise and finesse.'
  45. 'Through a divorce and the death of my father I wasn't able to handle things like I did before.'
  46. 'They are credited with handling this extremely well.'
  47. 'he handled himself with considerable aplomb'
  48. 'Watch how he handles himself, and try to model yourself on his conduct.'
  49. 'People might do well to also compare Monty's antics with the manner in which Des Smyth handled himself.'
  50. 'It's taught me to handle myself in a professional manner when under pressure, in situations which once would have freaked me out.'
  51. 'If she doesn't handle herself correctly she will forego any chance of holding a national office in the future.'
  52. 'So [the government] is saying, ‘Oh boy, we can still control the capital and we can maybe now start to fool around with the revenue based on the fact that maybe [Native people] are not handling themselves responsibly.’'
  53. 'The manner in which he handled himself at Old Trafford when things were not going well won him some hard-earned respect.'
  54. 'Collins, instead, handles himself with assurance, has unshakeable conviction in his own abilities and isn't short of an opinion or two that might put noses out of joint.'
  55. 'Make sure you handle yourself in a manner that doesn't allow yourself to be taken advantage of in any way, especially with wine flowing freely all night long.'
  56. 'Aside from one transgression last summer, he has handled himself in a manner that has made him a role model for many people.'
  57. 'It is good to see a entertainer handle oneself appropriately.'
  58. 'I can handle myself in a fight'
  59. 'When I first started I was afraid of getting hurt, but I learned I can handle myself in physically demanding situations.'
  60. 'When audiences first see her, for instance, she is in prison, while, by the end of the film, she has emerged as a gutsy warrior queen, who is more than capable of handling herself on the battlefield.'
  61. 'He has never looked a man capable of handling himself in a fight, which is precisely what Rangers have on their hands while Martin O'Neill is at Celtic.'
  62. 'Still, Owenmore Gaels can well be proud of the way they handled themselves against a side that were, all-around, bigger, faster and stronger.'
  63. 'By contrast, Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton handles himself surprisingly well.'
  64. 'In my physical relationships I have a very set way of handling myself.'
  65. 'Let's see how he handles himself here, not that we're any great test.'
  66. 'The sense of survivor's relief was compounded with a certain pride. We, the unsurprisable, were surprised at how well we were handling ourselves.'
  67. 'The fight-scene, probably co-ordinated by Mr. Snipes, is very well done and Jessica handles herself without any problems at all.'
  68. 'He handles himself well in ad-libbed press conferences and so forth, and the things he does about foreign policy can be impressive in many quarters.'
Drive or control (a vehicle)
  1. 'Last month he was jailed for six months for handling the car, driving a high performance vehicle without the proper licence, and having no insurance.'
  2. 'He said he had rarely seen anyone as drunk and he did not know how the defendant could handle the vehicle.'
  3. 'From there you've got to learn to handle your ship and get to grips with the most difficult part - docking with the space station.'
  4. 'Bowles' handling of the ship made the view eastward visible.'
  5. 'Two weeks later, York youth justices banned the youth from driving for a year after he admitted handling a second car and other vehicle offences.'
  6. 'Known for its bare looks, tough build and raw power, it took a strong man to handle the vehicle even on smooth tarmac.'
  7. 'Its lack of depth makes it more difficult each year to handle the newer, larger and deeper vessels plying the southern African route.'
  8. 'The delivery vehicle is handled by friendly and well-trained persons.'
  9. 'Drivers must take extra care in handling their vehicles, an intensive reponsability when it is raining.'
  10. 'Judge Charles Bloom QC said he took into account Atkinson's previous good character and the fact that he had not gained financially from handling the vehicles.'
  11. 'the new model does not handle nearly so well'
  12. 'For sure if we have more power and more downforce the car handles better and it uses the tyres better.'
  13. 'Each vehicle handles differently and I found that some just didn't cut the mustard.'
  14. 'The gearstick motions are short and quiet and the car handles with a surprisingly taut sporty slickness, putting one over on its more timid rivals, such as the Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa.'
  15. 'The car does handle extremely well, however the steering lacks proper feel.'
  16. 'The suspension was a little bouncy for my liking but in general the car handled well, taking corners with ease.'
  17. 'And as for oversteer, the car handles like a dream - when the rear steps out it takes just a dab of steering or throttle to keep it there or rein it back in.'
  18. 'The other major benefit is found in the vehicle's handling, which has much less sway when cornering than found in some of its direct competitors with more conventional engine mountings.'
  19. 'The steering wheel was in the rear, but the airplane handled so gently during transitions from ground to sky and back that pilots hardly knew they were flying a tailwheel.'
  20. 'Measurements were also taken of how the aircraft handles so the data can be used for the operational flight trainer.'
  21. 'So, speed isn't its thing, but for a vehicle that looks like an SUV, it handles pretty well.'


The part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled.
  1. 'The order stipulates that this includes carrying a pickaxe handle.'
  2. 'A real man, I used to say, no matter how sickly or incapacitated, should pick up a case by its handle and carry it like a man.'
  3. 'Mr. Zak left the same way with Mr. Sivapragasam assisting him by carrying one handle of the duffle bag in question.'
  4. 'There are even two large carry handles on the top if you want to pick the whole unit up.'
  5. 'The top slab has handles to carry the system about; the bottom stands on four wheels of a special design.'
  6. 'One of the robbers was carrying a pickaxe handle and the other a lumphammer.'
  7. 'The utterly charming Mr Vass who runs the shop has a terrific range of door knobs, handles and basically everything you could ever need in brass and general ironmongery.'
  8. 'I'll grip down on the handle slightly for more control, then keep my finish very low.'
  9. 'Chrome is also used on other surfaces, ranging from the shifter ring to the door handles to the control knobs.'
  10. 'Six toga-clad brothers, using a large block of wood with makeshift handles, then carried Jason and Dennis on their backs onto the stage.'
  11. 'I've been talking to a lot of senators and staffers after the Senate hearing, trying to get a handle on the political situation.'
  12. 'But if we don't soon get a handle on this critical issue it may be too late, for the planet and for ourselves.'
  13. 'Because both Perl and XML are so flexible, it's hard to get a handle on exactly how to approach the problem.'
  14. 'What I want to do first is get a handle on the statistics for all U.S. multinationals together, and those data are actually pretty clear.'
  15. 'So no new troops yet requested to be sent to Iraq, but the United States is going to hold on to some of the troops that are there until they get a handle on this situation.'
  16. 'Aid came into the country, and the economy has been growing, and the people were able to start to get a handle on the land mine situation.'
  17. 'They need to get a handle on a really dysfunctional economic system and on law-and-order issues which are out of control.'
  18. 'However, he conceded that the Government was yet to get a handle on the situation, as younger offenders were getting their hands on illegal guns.'
  19. 'It shows excellent research on his part and flawless writing so everyone can get a handle on the situation.'
  20. 'Well, there are so many different polls that we've looked at trying to get a handle on what are the issues that are really going to drive the election.'
A name or nickname.
  1. 'a former Washington DJ whose handle was ‘Fat Daddy’'
  2. 'He points out that at his previous club his handle was The Snake.'
  3. 'Two years later came the name change to the current handle, a change in line-up, and an eponymous nine-track album.'
  4. 'Everyone had handles, club names given and cherished in the rush of the moment.'
  5. 'In the summer of 2002, a security consultant whose handle is "Whurley" was hired by a resort group in Las Vegas to perform security audits.'
  6. 'He took his DJ handle from an 1980s video game.'
  7. 'Use a handle or nickname if you must but keep to the same one, it gets silly otherwise.'
  8. 'Top of the wanted list was an individual identified only by the handle Worker Bee.'
  9. 'Benny - that's his handle, not his real name - is most famous for having written a virus that infected Windows 2000 two weeks before Windows 2000 was released.'
  10. 'The problem with screen names or handles deserves some amplification.'
  11. 'Handles are fine and we'll be delighted to have you as a part of our young but growing discussion community.'
The feel of goods, especially textiles, when handled.
  1. 'Miracle Fix liquid is a thin milky fluid that dries clear and was originally made to improve the handle of cotton fabrics.'
  2. 'This study was carried out to compare the handle of silk fabrics degummed with Alkalase, Protease produced by bacteria, with of silkfabrics degummed with the soap soda.'
  3. 'The handle of cotton becomes hard and rigid.'
The total amount of money bet over a particular time or at a particular event.
  1. 'Track officials estimated the cancellation cost about $2-million in total handle.'
  2. 'That same trend also is apparent in off-track betting handle.'
  3. 'We still have a challenge in front of us to create better mutuel handle and attendance, but we look forward to racing in 2001.'
  4. 'The track saw an attendance increase and a double-digit mutuel handle decrease.'
  5. 'During wagering on Wednesday and Thursday at Santa Anita, the pick six handle total was larger than it had been on the same days last year.'
  6. 'Clearly, it's because the track wants to offer the fans as many ways to wager as possible, to create the largest possible handle.'
  7. 'The total handle of $43,594,840 was up from last year's Travers weekend a year ago.'
  8. 'Lone Star Park concluded its ninth Thoroughbred meeting on Sunday with declines in attendance and total handle.'
A large bottle in which spirits are sold, typically holding a half gallon.

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    1. a part of a thing made specifically to be grasped or held by the hand.

    2. that which may be held, seized, grasped, or taken advantage of in effecting a purpose: The clue was a handle for solving the mystery.

    3. Slang. a person's name, especially the given name. a person's alias, nickname, or code name. a username, as on a social-media website: What's your Twitter handle? a name or term by which something is known, described, or explained.

    4. the total amount wagered on an even

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    "people/places/organizations can be handle."

    "people can be handle."

    "sugars can be handle."

    "paints can be handle."

    "unhappinesses can be handle."

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    Old English handle (noun), handlian (verb), from hand.