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The end part of a person's arm beyond the wrist, including the palm, fingers, and thumb.
  1. 'he was leading her by the hand'
  2. 'She grinned and pulled a triangle of white paper out of her pocket and put it in Faith's hand.'
  3. 'Squeeze the soil ball between your thumb and fingers in the palm of your hand to make a ribbon.'
  4. 'Four days later he developed a mild temperature, a sore throat, blisters on the palms of his hands and weals on his tongue.'
  5. 'He opened his eyes, looking up to see the woman's hand holding a damp cloth to his face.'
  6. 'Fingers, thumbs and hands were broken in combat, but there are few visible signs of the mutilation.'
  7. 'After burning incense on the stove, he began to chant, holding out his hands with his palms upward.'
  8. 'Ever since she has taken to wearing her bag over her shoulder with her other hand pushed through the handles and in her pocket.'
  9. 'He suddenly cries out in pain as the hot knife handle burns his hand, but he doesn't let go.'
  10. 'She holds a vessel in one hand and a cloth in another as she pours a libation before him.'
  11. 'Drop the pulleys to the lowest setting, grasp a handle in each hand and lie back on the bench.'
  12. 'The idea is that a monkey inserts its hand, clenches it around the maize, and then cannot withdraw its clenched fist.'
  13. 'that dog bite me on mi hand, right below the elbow'
  14. 'mi wife has bought a 'dog' a bound no bigger than mi hand.'
  15. 'Often people will carry things in their hand luggage that they carry on board the aircraft.'
  16. 'If you are taking a camera as part of your hand luggage take any film out of the camera as it may be opened up as part of the security checks.'
  17. 'As my hand luggage passed through the checking machine, I was asked if I had a nailcutter.'
  18. 'Of course, one has to ask whether it is a puppet operated by string or a hand puppet.'
  19. 'Oh and always pack one in your hand luggage just in case your bag happens to get lost.'
  20. 'Use straw or foam sheets or a hand sprayer for disinfecting vehicle tyres.'
  21. 'The only thing I'd want a hand blender so I can mutilate vegetables at high speed.'
  22. 'She was not amused but I guess she totally misunderstood the concept of hand luggage.'
  23. 'The washbag needs to be in your hand luggage as when you least desire it the plane will temporarily or permanently lose your luggage.'
  24. 'I seem to remember that one of the characters was a stripper who did an unusual burlesque act with a hand puppet.'
  25. 'hand signals'
  26. 'Many dogs need both voice and hand signals to reinforce commands off the leash.'
  27. 'I presume the both of them cannot understand English but my hand signals were clear enough.'
  28. 'By using your hand signals, they have to keep their heads up to see what to do next.'
  29. 'On Wednesday it contained a parents' guide to the hand signals of the young chav with advice from the paper's agony aunt.'
  30. 'The jumpers, both machine and hand knit, are available in all sizes and colours.'
  31. 'She grinned lightly, and made a hand signal to a man in the back while Dave was distracted.'
  32. 'They are hand knit and designed by another Dublin based designer Dee Collier.'
  33. 'He gave the hand signal for swords and bows at the ready, and the command spread down the line.'
  34. 'Azhion rode up in front of them all, told them to mount up, and gave the hand signal for all to move out.'
  35. 'On at least one occasion tank commanders communicated with hand signals.'
  36. 'his fans gave him a big hand'
  37. 'Step forward our friends at - you guessed it, give them a big hand - Scotland on Sunday.'
  38. 'he inscribed the statement in a bold hand'
  39. 'Even fountain pens, though invented around 1884, were thought to be incompatible with a neat hand, and ballpoints were definitely the devil's invention.'
  40. 'A week later he was down on his knees asking for her hand in marriage.'
  41. 'Since he is from the same caste as Niharika, her father agrees to give him her hand in marriage.'
  42. 'The story goes that he asked Tottenham for her hand in marriage and was refused.'
A pointer on a clock or watch indicating the passing of units of time.
  1. 'She glances up at the clock then places a hand on her chest, always the drama queen.'
  2. 'The gigantic hands of the clock watching over us up on the wall made me impatient.'
  3. 'That is, the hands of the circadian clock are moved forward or backwards.'
  4. 'The hands of Bella's clock quietly ticked away as she stared down at the five outfits on her bed.'
  5. 'The clock's hands pointed at the twelve and six, reflecting his initial sense of time.'
  6. 'I could barely make out the golden hands of the clock in the dim light of the candle.'
  7. 'Jane swung the bulk of her pack onto her right shoulder like the hand of a clock striking zero hour.'
  8. 'Everywhere I looked were clocks without hands and forks without knives.'
  9. 'As what seemed to be the result of the flash, the three hands of the clock began to speed up.'
  10. 'I have a pint of Guinness as we chat and then a second as the clock hands crawl past one.'
Used in reference to the power to direct something.
  1. 'they are taking the law into their own hands'
  2. 'Then he whipsawed back to the generous mood of a man who thinks he will soon hold some power in his hands.'
  3. 'We think there are real concerns about giving such a power into the hands of a bailiff.'
  4. 'The concentration of accounting services into the hands of only four practices should have an important benefit.'
  5. 'Military power remained in the hands of regional governors who were little more than independent warlords.'
  6. 'The move marks the latest in a string of deals that could leave the sector in the hands of three or four consolidators.'
  7. 'It's this bogus idea of putting power into the hands of the people.'
  8. 'The Internet is a truly frightening tool because it puts power into the hands of the masses.'
  9. 'Put the power in the hands of one person, he said, and the world will start changing the way it should be changed.'
  10. 'Further more euthanasia places a dangerous amount of power in the hands of doctors.'
  11. 'The structure of the NHS is outdated and should be replaced by a system putting power into the hands of patients and doctors.'
  12. 'Dave Robinson starred as he scored one and had a hand in the other four goals.'
  13. 'Reg Goodfellow, with two goals and two assists, had a hand in all four La Broquerie goals.'
  14. 'She has no doubt that Irving had a big hand in her rise to the top ranks of the world's squash players.'
  15. 'Ms Bradford, who is in the House today, had a big hand in helping us with the process of planning.'
  16. 'do you need a hand?'
  17. '"Do you need a hand?" I ask.'
A person's workmanship, especially in artistic work.
  1. 'It does not matter that they are multiples or that we cannot actually see the artists' hand in the facture of the work.'
  2. 'I'm a great hand at inventing'
  3. 'He also participated in several trekking programmes and is a good hand at adventure sports.'
  4. 'The sight of new molehills here and there reminded me of an old farm worker I knew who was a good hand at catching moles.'
  5. 'Good luck to Curry man James who is a top hand at getting the top name bands for the fans.'
  6. 'I'm not a great hand at forgery, but I think I could have made a fair stab at running off some copies.'
  7. 'Car parking is supervised by Roy who is no mean hand at turning out a tasty tiramisu when occasion demands.'
A person who engages in manual labour, especially in a factory, on a farm, or on board a ship.
  1. 'the ship was lost with all hands'
  2. 'It concerns a factory hand who is sent to Coventry by his co-workers when he refuses to go on strike.'
  3. 'She nodded as if agreeing with him and then called over some stable hands to take the horses.'
  4. 'When they reached the castle she gave her horse to a stable hand and headed for her room.'
  5. 'He had a stable hand hitch up the horses and then he helped Lydia up into the buggy.'
  6. 'She ordered one of the stable hands to put the horse back in his stall, and left the training ring.'
  7. 'She had starred at the wood each morning since she had been hired as a hand on farm at the age of 12.'
The set of cards dealt to a player in a card game.
  1. figurative 'the situation does not give them a strong hand at the negotiating table'
  2. 'When I came back out, Torin had dealt us both a hand and had a steaming mug of hot chocolate laid out for me.'
  3. 'But to be Franck is to be polite, cultured and dignified enough to accept the hand dealt by the game's fates.'
  4. 'The total value of all the cards in the hands of the other players is added to the winner's cumulative score.'
  5. 'In case of a tie between two hands, the discarded card is used to decide which is better.'
  6. 'Even if you are dealt a bad hand, you might still see or raise a bet, or even bet all your chips at once.'
  7. 'The same applies if a team has a meld of less than seven pure aces and three or more aces in a player's hand.'
  8. 'The event promises to be a great day out and full of fun as we raise money to help the unfortunates dealt such a cruel hand in life.'
  9. 'Up to dinner I played very well with the little that I was given, only going into about four or five hands and winning them all.'
  10. 'If the joker is turned up, there are no wild cards and the value of the hand is doubled.'
  11. 'This is the equivalent of slow-playing a brilliant hand at poker, so that you draw in your prey.'
  12. 'There is bad news today for any bald, guitar-playing Afghani who likes a hand of Bridge.'
  13. 'He played golf into his late 80s, tended a large garden, and played a fine hand at bridge.'
  14. 'In any case, Kyle Larsen cleared spades as Jonathan won in hand.'
A unit of measurement of a horse's height, equal to 4 inches (10.16 cm).
  1. 'Direct Access is no pony himself and at 17 hands is the biggest horse in Lungo's yard.'
A bunch of bananas.
  1. 'The hands of bananas are packed in cartons.'
  2. 'Take a hand of pork (other cuts will do, but the hand is optimum; five or six pounds' weight is your target here, and it must be on the bone), place in a large pan and cover with water.'


Pick (something) up and give it to (someone)
  1. 'I handed the trowel back to him'
  2. 'At present, all tax receipts go to the UK Treasury and money is handed back to Scotland in the form of a block grant.'
  3. 'I picked up the red t-shirt off the carpet and handed it to him, watching as he slipped it over his head.'
  4. 'When she found out Mr Rose had changed his mind and handed the honour to Miss Loos, she was determined she wouldn't let it lie.'
  5. 'Today, in the absence of a real fans' favourite, Reyna may find himself handed an important role.'
  6. 'He picked up the beer and handed it to the man before turning and making his way down the corridor.'
  7. 'There's something really great about getting actual mail in your actual mailbox, or handing a card to someone.'
  8. 'He starts to cry and kind-hearted Beckham walks past, picks the car out the mud, cleans it and hands it back to him.'
  9. 'The guy behind the counter hands Jason the monkey and Jason gives him the tickets.'
  10. 'Hastily he picked the book up and handed it to her and bowed his head before standing.'
  11. 'all the yarns she'd been handing me'
  12. 'Lehmann later apologised to the Sri Lanka team for the comment and was handed a reprimand by match referee Clive Lloyd.'
Hold the hand of (someone) in order to guide them in a specified direction.
  1. 'The footmen handed her into the coach, the coachman snapped his whip, and off they drove in grand style.'
Take in or furl (a sail)
  1. 'Hand in the main!'

More definitions

1. the terminal, prehensile part of the upper limb in humans and other primates, consisting of the wrist, metacarpal area, fingers, and thumb.

2. the corresponding part of the forelimb in any of the higher vertebrates.

3. a terminal prehensile part, as the chela of a crustacean, or, in falconry, the foot of a falcon.

4. something resembling a hand in shape or function, as various types of pointers: the hands of a clock.

5. index (def 8).

6. a person employed in manual labor or for

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