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Activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.
  1. 'The creations of artisans of the traditional and exclusive handicrafts of Burdwan of West Bengal are on display-cum-sale at Ravindra Bharathi.'
  2. 'Making jewelry and cutting precious stones also are traditional handicrafts in Gujarat.'
  3. 'A gap appeared, and soon became a gulf, when modern industry arose in the West and when imperial conquest ruined many traditional handicrafts.'
  4. 'At most handicrafts exhibitions, exotically designed folding fans are invariably among the interesting articles on display in the stalls.'
  5. 'Some of these traditional handicrafts, such as pottery and basket weaving, are caste-based activities and tend to be more utilitarian than decorative.'
  6. 'For Lee, the main task is to rediscover traditional handicrafts and Taiwanese cultural symbols and mold them into modern luxuries for international markets.'
  7. 'Practitioners of traditional handicrafts may register with the government and eventually receive a partial pension.'
  8. 'Later on things improved and now they organise special events, with charity diners or workshops to allow people to learn handicrafts or cooking.'
  9. 'A wide range of wooden statues, ready-made garments, decorative greeting cards, handicrafts items and eateries were on display.'
  10. 'Make it to Safina Plaza to celebrate the traditional handicrafts and take home a piece of our heritage.'
  11. 'Other products on sale at the service stations will include handicrafts, and traditional herbs.'
  12. 'The Cottage Industries Emporium here opened shop in 1984, and is considered a one-stop destination to buy varied handicraft and handloom products from all over the country.'
  13. 'A rich tradition of folk art and handicrafts arises from different regions in Brazil.'
  14. 'They told women to consider pottery, baskets, mats and handicrafts which could help them make a decent living.'
  15. 'There will be Swedish handicrafts and traditional Swedish food, and the highlight of the day is the Queen of Light and her attendants singing Christmas carols.'
  16. 'Traditional entertainment and handicrafts that were exhibited and sold helped to preserve the Kingdom's culture.'
  17. 'Visitors can find trade in both modern products and traditional crafts, such as bamboo and wood handicrafts.'
  18. 'While the domestic market has been slow to appreciate the Indian handicrafts, the global market already has.'
  19. 'With the growing tourist industry, there is a small market for traditional handicrafts, including woven baskets and mats, wood cavings, and jewelry.'
  20. 'Clean and cheerful, the rooms are decorated with children's artwork and handicrafts.'
  21. 'At the display event this year, there were student teams marketing Ayurvedic medicines and tourism, in addition to furniture, handicrafts and antiques.'
  22. 'There are six markets in total selling handicrafts and traditional gifts.'
  23. 'A few villagers come in for the day to ply more traditional handicrafts.'
  24. 'Export figures for Indian handicrafts are rising but craftspersons are at the crossroads, beset with poverty and illness.'
  25. 'Though many of these handicrafts are unique and purely traditional, Shrujan has been successful in blending these designs with more contemporary patterns.'
  26. 'Traditional Thai handicrafts such as silks and wooden ornaments were on sale as Thai, Chinese and street dancing groups entertained crowds.'
  27. 'I'm talking about handicrafts here - pottery, quilting and textile arts, for example.'
  28. 'The signboard with its peeling paint and the cheerless showroom near the Overbridge, with a modest collection of handicrafts in wood is not something that would catch your eye.'
  29. 'From August 4-13, the centre will be showcasing the rich tradition of handicrafts of the Santhal communities of Birbhum.'
  30. 'The most significant handicraft produced by the Quechua is textiles.'
  31. 'A variety of traditional handicrafts are made within the household or by specialists.'
  32. 'She wrote her autobiography, besides authoring books on the status of women, handicrafts and embroidery.'

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1. manual skill.

2. an art, craft, or trade in which the skilled use of one's hands is required.

3. the articles made by handicraft: a shop offering the handicraft of various South American nations.

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"souvenirs can be handicrafts."

"proceedses can be handicrafts."

"ministers can be handicrafts."

"firms can be handicrafts."

"businesses can be handicrafts."

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(handicraft)Middle English: alteration of handcraft, on the pattern of handiwork.