Adjective "handgrenade" definition and examples

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A hand-thrown grenade.
  1. 'A teenager sparked a major bomb alert after he took a de-activated hand grenade into his school - to use as a prop for a drama lesson.'
  2. 'His blasting powders and fuses were also instrumental in the revival of the hand grenade shortly after his death.'
  3. 'One unit that had taken this intrusive approach confiscated only an old pistol and one hand grenade after several weeks of work.'
  4. 'A high-school student pulled out a hand grenade and started waving it, and police fired into the air to disperse the crowd.'
  5. 'Police claim they found a rifle, ammunition and a hand grenade on the compound during their search on Thursday.'
  6. 'There are machine-guns, a hand grenade and a bazooka.'
  7. 'Officers eventually evacuated the building before the bomb squad arrived and removed the hand grenade, carrying out a controlled explosion elsewhere.'
  8. 'Two years ago Valencia's security firm honored her when she detected a toy hand grenade and two weeks later, a loaded handgun.'
  9. 'Another example would be the case of a soldier who shields his fellow officers from a live hand grenade by sacrificing his own body to the explosion.'
  10. 'Of all things that can be used as a paperweight, the hand grenade is a poor choice.'

More definitions

1. a grenade or explosive shell that is thrown by hand and exploded either by impact or by means of a fuze.

2. a grenade or glass missile containing a chemical, for extinguishing fire.

More examples(as adjective)

"explosions can be handgrenade."

"bombings can be handgrenade."


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