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A game similar to fives, in which the ball is hit with the hand in a walled court.
  1. 'We played handball against the wall that had NO BALL PLAYING spray painted across its surface.'
  2. 'Lindsay hugged the handball court wall with his back.'
  3. 'It provides a wide range of recreational outlets for all age groups in the area, including racquetball, handball, indoor football, badminton, squash and cuili.'
  4. 'In addition to the gym and sauna are all the old favourites squash, handball, racquetball, basketball, badminton and indoor soccer.'
  5. 'Across from the little dead end road was a park, with the multicolor jungle gym sets, along with a small basketball court, and a 2 sided handball court.'
  6. 'Those who wish to book the main hall, handball/racketball court and Games room can do so now.'
  7. 'I sat on the pavement by the music wing to catch a little sunshine, and to look out to the school's handball court.'
  8. 'Parents are reminded that the club can provide excellent and varied recreational outlets for birthday parties, such as basketball, indoor football, handball and racquetball.'
  9. 'Visitors to the site will be enlivened by compulsive news about European handball, volleyball and water polo, as well as being enticed into buying wardrobes.'
  10. 'Numerous venues lie idle, including the Helliniko Olympic complex, which was the site for baseball, basketball, kayaking, fencing, handball, hockey and softball.'
  11. 'The highest incidence is seen in adolescents playing pivoting sports such as football, basketball, and team handball.'
  12. 'They ran themselves into the ground playing Olympic handball, rounders, football and hurling and competing in the athletic events.'
  13. 'The title of the game would suggest that Gaelic Games: Hurling may soon follow but we may be a while waiting for ladies football, camogie, handball or rounders.'
  14. 'When Matthews first competed in a Paralympics it was in the Netherlands in 1980 as part of a three-man Great Britain team playing goalball, a cross between football and handball using a ball fitted with a bell.'
  15. 'Phase one will consist of the out door courts that will facilitate Olympic handball, netball, volleyball tennis and beach volleyball.'
  16. 'Martin put up a good show in the first game, but Sean Ryan playing in his home court played handball out of the top drawer to win the first 21-14.'
  17. 'Nah, I always cry when Slovenia beats Denmark in team handball.'
  18. 'Mary Lyons takes part in the model making competitions and two Olympic handball teams from the area compete in the All - Ireland finals.'
  19. 'And Toby McGrath slips a handball to Matthew Clucas in the Fremantle derby.'
Touching of the ball with the hand or arm, constituting a foul.
  1. count noun 'a blatant handball'
  2. 'Ks still tried to get an equaliser and there was a big shout for handball against Mangdoza from Lee's free kick.'
  3. 'He pulled up Simon Francis for a handball but rather than talking to him he was actually looking for Jason.'
  4. 'Although there wasn't much reaction on the field, did the team feel the handball non-call against Germany was a poor one?'

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1. a game, similar to squash, played by two or four persons who strike a small ball against a wall or walls with the hand.

2. the small, hard rubber ball used in this game.

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