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A basket with a carrying handle and a hinged lid, used for food, cutlery, and plates on a picnic.
  1. 'Marlon convinces him that it's only jealousy and then asks him to help him carry the picnic hamper.'
  2. 'What I don't understand is that if mess from visitors are a problem, how is this going to be solved by still allowing foot traffic - people could still take up picnic hampers or food and drink up with them if they so felt like it.'
  3. 'Andreas has made many wonderful items in his few years as a basket maker including creels, potato baskets, Moses baskets, turf baskets, picnic hampers, etc.'
  4. 'Spectators were asked to leave items not required during their trip, including picnic hampers and bags, outside.'
  5. 'With picnic blankets, hampers and candles in safety cups, the visitors began taking up their positions on the grassy knoll back-dropped by Sydney Harbour, from dusk.'
  6. 'There will be no left luggage at the tournament, with fans forced to leave picnic hampers and bulky bags outside the grounds.'
  7. 'Simply pack a picnic hamper and head off through the olive and cypress groves for tiny inland settlements like Klonatika, Fontana and Anemogianatika which has twice as many letters in its name as houses!'
  8. 'Champagne flowed freely as capacity crowds of 6,000 people spread chairs, picnic hampers and banners across the grass for the Concerts in the Park, sponsored by the Echo.'
  9. 'Spectators will also be asked to leave items not required during their trip, including picnic hampers or bags, outside the complex, because of security fears.'
  10. 'They came laden with picnic hampers, blankets and chairs, children in tow.'
  11. 'a Christmas food hamper'
  12. 'Perhaps you might like a nice hamper or a CD player, maybe a basket of Easter eggs?'
  13. 'The hampers will be dished out to families on the estate who have been recommended by health professionals like midwives, social workers or health visitors.'
  14. 'The hamper contained £100 worth of Christmas goodies including a bottle of port, nuts and a Dundee cake.'
  15. 'Anderson said the food bank is preparing about 12 to 16 hampers per week lately and that although food bank use has been fairly steady during the last few months no one has been turned away.'
  16. 'First prize is a large hamper, second is a small hamper and third a bottle of brandy plus various other prizes of Christmas goodies.'
  17. 'Prizes on offer include, hampers, turkeys, biscuits, cakes and bottles of spirits to name just few.'
  18. 'At the end of the show, many in the audience had bagged gift hampers, some of them twice or more!'
  19. 'Each winner has already received their fabulous prize of a hamper packed with goodies, to the value of around €100 from the generous people at Boots to mark Mothers Day.'
  20. 'The first prize in the Christmas draw is a seasonal hamper packed with all the Christmas goodies and there are plenty of other Christmas prizes as well.'
  21. 'Until recently housewives set out marketing basket in hand, and berries, fruits, confectionery and wines are still packed in hampers for presentation purposes.'
  22. 'Jim wrapped the towel around his waist after drying off, added the sock to the rest of the dirty laundry in the hamper, then padded out to the kitchen.'
  23. 'Use a thirty-gallon garbage bin as a laundry hamper… it's waterproof, and hides those unsightly stains and odors.'
  24. 'We moved all of our clean laundry into drawers and all the dirty laundry into the hamper.'
  25. 'He used it as a remote eavesdropping device, tucked beneath beds and hidden in laundry hampers, capturing closed-door confessions and seizing suburban secrets.'
  26. 'After using the second pile I used to put the laundry in the hamper.'
  27. 'Put a laundry hamper under a kid size basketball hoop.'
  28. 'In a shared room you do want to make it as easy as possible for the kids to keep the room organized, so a couple of brightly-colored toy bins and laundry hampers are in order.'
  29. 'I took some dirty laundry from a hamper and threw it over his bed, messed up the sheets a little bit, and scuffed his shoe.'
  30. 'Upstairs Kristin walked back into her room and through there into her bathroom where she undressed, sorted her clothes into the laundry hamper, and showered quickly.'
  31. 'Go get the laundry hamper, and put all your dirty clothes in there.'


Hinder or impede the movement or progress of.
  1. 'The police organised several cranes to tow away vehicles in the area that were hampering the movement of the fire fighters.'
  2. 'Scottish police officers are also hampered by restrictions on their powers of arrest.'
  3. 'The rocks on the streambed were loose and rolled out from under his feet, hampering his progress.'
  4. 'Aid from around the world is coming in but the rescue work is being hampered by a lack of bulldozers and excavators.'
  5. 'Lack of electricity is hampering development in a key industrial city of Zhejiang province, a party chief said yesterday.'
  6. 'Once the true cause of his death was established, police were hampered by a lack of witnesses.'
  7. 'The New World is not hampered by Old World restrictions and includes the white grapes in the blend and on the labels.'
  8. 'The Health Minister had stated in the Assembly that lack of funds was hampering the development and cleaning works in hospitals.'
  9. 'Social services chiefs have warned that plans to boost the number of adoptions could be hampered by lack of staff.'
  10. 'Furthermore, research has been hampered by a lack of standardised measures.'


Necessary but cumbersome equipment on a ship.
  1. 'Well, you won't make land or anything else in a thousand years once you get all your top-hamper piled down on deck.'

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1. to hold back; hinder; impede: A steady rain hampered the progress of the work.

2. to interfere with; curtail: The dancers' movements were hampered by their elaborate costumes. noun

3. Nautical. gear that, although necessary to the operations of a vessel, is sometimes in the way.

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"oaks can be hamper on polishings."

"pressures can be hamper in loans."

"difficulties can be hamper to iraqis."

"bonds can be hamper by lacks."

"practices can be hamper."

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(hamper)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘shackle, entangle, catch’): perhaps related to German hemmen ‘restrain’.