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(of acting or an actor) exaggerated or over-theatrical.
  1. 'Other reviews of Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan I've read on the Internet have commented on its melodramatics and its hammy acting.'
  2. 'Which singer will die next and have his dumb musician's problems re-enacted by a hammy actor who wants an Oscar really bad?'
  3. 'Look beyond the ancient effects and hammy acting, however, and you'll find reflected on the movie the familiar gaze of innocent eyes.'
  4. 'It's hard now to see the lame special effects and hammy acting of Star Trek without giggling to myself.'
  5. 'If you can put yourself in a mental place to enjoy this completely flawed but eminently watchable sci-fi homage, you will be rewarded with clever twists, enjoyably hammy acting, and great footage of a stunning woman in her prime.'
  6. 'While the films are plagued by poorly developed plots and hammy acting, the fight sequences are excellent in that they reveal the true roots of Jackie's training.'
  7. 'They used hammy actors to ‘reconstruct’ the alleged plot, with sinister characters smearing a dark substance on door handles.'
  8. 'How are you supposed to follow the story when you're constantly making sarcastic comments about the hammy acting?'
  9. 'Autobiography used to be the preserve of hammy actors, gammy lieutenant commanders and superannuated hangers-on to the Bloomsbury Group.'
  10. 'His speech was a lamentable effort - nothing about it was convincing, from the hammy acting to the misfired soundbites.'
(of a hand or thigh) thick and solid.
  1. 'He felt a big, hammy hand land on his shoulder and tug him out of the chair, which toppled to the ground.'
  2. 'Soon two large, hammy hands clamped down on his flailing fists and pulled him away, gasping and sputtering, his hair hanging in his face.'
  3. 'On a night of tidal emotions, the night when Beckham became a fetish, I found my hammy Irish fists jerking themselves convulsively upwards from my pressbox desk and towards the sky when Argentina went ahead.'


1. resembling ham in taste, flavor, appearance, etc.

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"people can be hammy."

"theatricalses can be hammy."

"records can be hammy."

"lines can be hammy."

"hands can be hammy."

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