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Very drunk.
  1. 'She's the responsible one, even when she's hammered out of her skull.'
  2. 'Hayden looked to be having the time of her life - we brought out the best in her, even when a majority of us were quite hammered.'
  3. 'We all get totally hammered on tiny amounts of the local rice wine, and stay up way past our bedtimes at the Hoài Café.'
  4. 'The beer tent at the finish line will take your mind off your hammered corpus.'
  5. 'To go out and get hammered does nothing for anyone.'
  6. 'I hadn't eaten anything and I got on stage… then realised I was hammered.'
  7. 'The only thing they expect is to get hammered on the pitch and in the pubs.'


1. shaped, formed, or ornamented by a metalworker's hammer: a hammered bowl of brass; hammered gold.

More examples(as adjective)

"outs can be hammered."

"prices can be hammered."

"stocks can be hammered."

"shares can be hammered."

"electronicses can be hammered."

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