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Divide into two parts of equal or roughly equal size.
  1. 'When ready to serve, peel the bananas then halve lengthways and cut each half across into quarters.'
  2. 'Whenever possible, cook squash, quartered or halved, in its skin.'
  3. 'Cut large eggplant into thick rounds; baby eggplant should be halved lengthwise.'
  4. 'Hull strawberries, peel and slice mango, core and chop pears and halve and stone plums.'
  5. 'I halved what remained of the sandwich and gave a half to him.'
  6. 'Pan-steaming preserves the shape of small greens, whole or halved lengthwise.'
  7. no object 'pre-tax profits nearly halved to £5 m'
  8. 'A long-established shop is to be halved in size because of a rent rise of almost 50 per cent.'
  9. 'The company will take a £550m exceptional charge this year and its final dividend will be halved to 7.8p.'
  10. 'ESA's quartet of Cluster spacecraft joined in the flurry of interest in this week's extreme solar activity, and saw Earth's magnetosphere halved in size.'
  11. 'Not only did swallow colony size almost halve with the disappearance of cattle, but birds that remained on these ‘cattle-free farms’ laid smaller clutches and were less likely to lay a second time.'
  12. 'This had the effect of virtually halving the magazine's accumulated losses to €129, 294.'
  13. 'Designed in 1908 by Adolf Loos, (who roughly shorthands as the Gaudi of Vienna), the American is tiny, and more than halved in size again by its huge full length counter.'
  14. 'Friends of the Earth has suggested that this could be halved in size to avoid damaging a peatland protected by European law because of its wildlife.'
  15. 'He tripled his herd size, halved his per cow production, and says its the only thing that makes sense.'
  16. 'Stopping smoking leads to rapid reductions in mortality from cardiovascular disease: the excess risk roughly halved after one year of smoking abstinence.'
  17. 'A 6,000-seat Velopark will also later be halved in size, to include facilities for local restaurants and pubs.'
  18. 'she insisted on halving the bill'
  19. 'Such fun when they tally the bill and then halve it!'
  20. 'One down at the turn, O'Hara turned the match on its head to take the lead by the 12th and he hung on grimly, taking the 16th when the German put his approach shot in the burn and halving the 17th for victory.'
  21. 'The most spectacular recovery came from Stenson and Thomas Bjorn, who combined to win the 16th and 17th, with an eagle and a birdie respectively, before halving the 18th.'
  22. 'They halved the first in pars, and shared the next two in birdies.'
Fit (crossing timbers) together by cutting out half the thickness of each.
  1. 'So, for building hardwood and softwood frames or repairing damaged timber around the house, a practical knowledge of halving joints is a real asset.'
  2. 'Lapping is performed in a variety of ways - either by simply halving the end of each timber, or by halving and dovetailing.'

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1. to divide into two equal parts.

2. to share equally: to halve one's rations with a stranger.

3. to reduce to half.

4. Golf. to play (a hole, round, or match) in the same number of strokes as one's opponent. Idioms

5. halve together, to join (two pieces of wood) by cutting from one, at the place of joining, a portion fitting to that left solid in the other.

More examples(as adjective)

"profits can be halved in/at/on years."

"profits can be halved to crowns."

"nettings can be halved to limits."

"nettings can be halved from beginnings."

"votes can be halved in regions."

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(halve)Middle English: from half.