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Slow and hesitant, especially through lack of confidence; faltering.
  1. 'I've found phone conversations with some people can be halting and strained but having text with them is a witty, inspired exchange you hate to have to erase when your memory gets too full.'
  2. 'Among other drawings are four individual pots outlined in red conte on Somerset cream paper, in each of which the line is not flowing but halting.'
  3. 'Ian thought he had offended her, until she began speaking, in slow, halting tones.'
  4. 'And so the group made their slow and halting way back to Kathor.'
  5. 'Women 57's progress in Irish politics is still slow and halting.'
  6. 'In the twilight era between the end of the conflict and the halting steps toward a future built around a power-sharing government for Catholics and Protestants, the IRA seems to have carved a new path.'
  7. 'Gopinath's words are slow and halting, as he reconstructs for us the sparse and humble details of his life.'
  8. 'His English is halting, but his recall remarkably precise.'
  9. 'Both as a product and a cause of the indecisive nature of combat, the operational tempo of war-as-process generally moved at a slow and halting pace.'
  10. 'Kelly was then called before a parliamentary committee, where, in halting, hesitant testimony, he neither fully confirmed nor discredited the BBC story.'


1. faltering or hesitating, especially in speech.

2. faulty or imperfect.

3. limping or lame: a halting gait.

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"productions can be halting."

"works can be halting."

"traffics can be halting."

"trades can be halting."

"projects can be halting."

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