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A strap or rope placed around the head of a horse or other animal, used for leading or tethering it.
  1. 'If you don't use trail bridles, bring a halter and lead rope.'
  2. 'Then, when he puts a halter on the horse, he quickly points out to the crowd that if the horse really takes off, any control would be lost in an instant!'
  3. 'It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.'
  4. 'Did they turn the horse out safely or did they remove the halter and slap the horse on the rump?'
  5. 'The whole world needs to get a look at items such as her hand tooled bronc halters and her embellished denim garments.'
  6. 'Place the chain over the horse's nose and up the opposite of the halter to keep the halter from slipping around as you work.'
  7. 'You can donate towels, blankets, lead ropes, halters, feed, hay, veterinary equipment, vehicles and trailers.'
  8. 'Gently, she moved Matrix's halter from his head to around his neck so that she would have control even without the bridle on.'
  9. 'Holding on to the halter around the neck of the cow as he tried to settle the riled up animal, was David, with two puffing dogs at his heels.'
  10. 'For over 15 years he made saddlebags, chaps, halters and such and then decided at the age of 51 to try his hand at saddle making.'
  11. 'For which other worse tricks he had not (Archer would not have) escaped the halter (noose), but that (had not) Captain Newport interposed his advice to the contrary – that is that the council should not hang Mr. Archer.'
A strap around the neck that holds a dress or top in place, leaving the shoulders and back bare.
  1. 'A jacket or cape moved from its original use and buttoned on the hips becomes a skirt, a scarf become a belt, a sarong a halter top.'
  2. 'His current winter collection features slouch pants, lustrous shirt dresses, halter tops and knee-length dirndl skirts in a predominantly black, white and camel palette.'
  3. 'She must create quite a stir at the office - not only is she physically very attractive, but she was wearing a very short miniskirt and a halter top that exposed her midsection.'
  4. 'She had gone out and bought a sparkling silver halter dress, with a plunging neckline and low-cut back.'
  5. 'The coppered colored slinky halter dress had a sequined trim with a ruched waist.'
  6. 'Who can deny the beauty of Liya in a silk chiffon halter evening dress?'
  7. 'Zassa was in a short, flouncy halter dress in blinding white that she'd bought.'
  8. 'They slipped on their halter tops (midriffs exposed, of course), some not so sensible shoes and a dab of glitter makeup around the eyes.'
  9. 'She was wearing a short, thin halter dress that exposed her delicate shoulders and the vaguely tanned skin of her back.'
  10. 'The teenager wore a knee length, blood red, halter dress with a low and dipping neck line.'


Put a halter on (an animal)
  1. 'Rebecca cast Ansley a hurt look, but Ansley was haltering Matrix and didn't catch it.'
  2. 'Deran sighed and started tacking up two horses, leaving another one haltered for use as a pack animal.'
  3. 'He was haltered by his current trainer, Leah Gyarmati, for $35,000 at Aqueduct in his last start in 1999, and is 2-2 - 0 in five starts this year with earnings of $89,720.'
  4. 'She haltered the strangely docile stallion and tied him up in the tie racks, next to an extremely irritable paint gelding being groomed.'
  5. 'In silence and in darkness they loaded the carriage and haltered the horses.'
  6. 'When a new heifer comes in to milk, we halter and tie her tight to one of the large, heavy U-bolts cemented against the wall in our tie stall barn.'
  7. 'the Chicago bomb-throwers who were haltered for practising their principles'
  8. 'The man was speedily placed on the cathead and haltered.'

More definitions

1. a rope or strap with a noose or headstall for leading or restraining horses or cattle.

2. a rope with a noose for hanging criminals; the hangman's noose; gallows.

3. death by hanging.

4. Also called halter top. a woman's top, secured behind the neck and across the back, leaving the arms, shoulders, upperback, and often the midriff bare. verb (used with object)

5. to put a halter on; restrain as by a halter.

6. to hang (a person). adjective

7. (of a garment) having a neckli

More examples(as adjective)

"dresses can be halter."

"tops can be halter."

"collars can be halter."


(halter)Old English hælftre, of Germanic origin, meaning ‘something to hold things by’; related to German Halfter, also to helve.