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A gymnasium.
  1. 'I was a kid who just found a gym or a ballfield or made a football game with the neighborhood kids.'
  2. 'They had swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and all that.'
  3. 'How in the world could a school with such a dinky gym ever help a league with big-time aspirations?'
  4. 'The dance's held in the gym, but the gym is so huge that you'll be stuck there forever cleaning up.'
  5. 'If he wants me to stay in the gym, I'll set up a cot and shoot free throws at two in the morning.'
  6. 'Educators pushed the ‘community education’ concept which led to organized afterschool activities that opened even more gyms.'
  7. 'Like me in the offseason, he was in the gym working on the things he needed to.'
  8. 'Our kids have been traipsing around the city for three decades, using 25 different gyms for practice and nine different gyms for home games during that time.'
  9. 'One player who walks into the gym and all her teammates are a little afraid of what she might do next.'
  10. 'He was quick for his size, could jump out of the gym, and loved to play defense.'
  11. 'Many gyms and health clubs are currently offering deals to try to attract new members.'
  12. 'No longer an off-beat practice at some hidden-away studio, yoga has entered the mainstream at health clubs, gyms, spas and hotels.'
  13. 'New gyms and private health clubs open up on a regular basis and local authorities have invested millions as the public take up the healthy option.'
  14. 'Your local gym or leisure centre may be able to arrange a body composition test.'
  15. 'Residents have access to an exclusive gym and leisure centre.'
  16. 'There is also a unique windsurf station, several state-of-the-art gyms, football and rugby pitches, an outdoor basketball court, and even a golf driving range.'
  17. 'His wallet contains membership cards to 3 different gyms / health clubs.'
  18. 'A recent survey showed that most U.S. gyms and health clubs now offer yoga classes, so skiers interested in exploring yoga should not have to go far for instruction.'
  19. 'More and more families workout together at the gym, and more gyms include some kind of short-term day care so parents can work out.'
  20. 'One of the driving forces behind the changes has been the huge success of the Fitness Unlimited card, which allows customers access to all the gyms and swimming pools from £19.99 per month.'
  1. 'Some sophomore boys love to stick out their feet and try to trip me in gym class.'
  2. 'She was glad to be in gym; it was the only class where she didn't have to think much about stuff she didn't want to think about.'
  3. 'My solution to this would be to make things like performing in gym optional or possibly not do it at all.'
  4. 'These girls are likely to be introduced to new activities such as aerobics, swimming and gym training.'
  5. 'That means gruelling daily gym sessions and regular ice time at Altrincham, where he is a junior coach.'
  6. 'I could have someone put on my shoes or carry my stuff, or I could get out of gym forever!'
  7. 'The people's custom likes go to the cinema, play football, gym and other sports activity.'
  8. 'Out in the field, with the hoe swung above her head, she jokes that it's a good as any gym workout.'
  9. 'You only have an hour or so of gym time per week, so don't use it preaching, use it teaching.'
  10. 'My arms still hurt from playing volleyball in gym as I made my way into the cafeteria.'

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1. a gymnasium.

2. Informal. physical education.

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Late 19th century: abbreviation.